The Power of Video for Your Business: Unleashing Success in the Digital Age

In today’s digital era, where attention spans are dwindling and competition is fierce, businesses must find innovative ways to capture and retain their audience’s attention. This is where video production and video marketing become invaluable tools for UK-based companies. With the rise of social media and the increasing demand for engaging content, leveraging the power…

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Kent’s Best Coastal Backdrops for Your Corporate Video

When it comes to creating a corporate video, choosing the right filming location is crucial. But with so many factors to consider, from costs to aesthetic appeal, finding the perfect spot can feel like an uphill battle. Often known as the Garden of England, Kent has a huge range of coastal backdrops, plenty of which…

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How to Find a Videographer for Your Digital Marketing Project

Finding the right videographer can be a challenge, but it is a vital step in ensuring the success of your digital marketing project. When choosing a videography company, it is best to look for one that can help you create content that can be used across multiple platforms helping you reach a wider audience, including…

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What you need to know about hiring a videographer – FAQs

As a professional video production company working across Kent, London, the home counties and Northampton, we often get questions from people asking about our services and the type of video productions we create. To help answer some of these questions, we have put together a blog of the most popular ones we get asked. 1.…

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Wildwood Media opens offices in Northampton

Wildwood Media are celebrating its ninth year of business in style – we’re opening a branch in Northampton! We’ve been delivering high-quality, affordable video production in Kent for the best part of a decade and have seen great success. In 2021 we opened an office in London and saw the demand for our friendly and…

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Why Having a Christmas Video is Great for a Business

There are a lot of ways to market your business, but it’s hard to deny the unique benefits that come with video production. It’s a great way to reach your target audience, and video marketing Videos can be an effective way of building trust with your target audience. You could use a video to tell…

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Why All Charities Should Have a Charity Promotional Video

charity filming

Whether or not you have used a charity promotional video before, you are sure to know that a professional video is one of the most popular ways for a charity to promote a cause or an event. This, along with the range of impressive benefits, is why all charities should consider having one made. The…

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Benefits of Video on Social Media

videos on social media

When it comes to gaining customers, very few techniques work as well as having a video produced for use on social media. Whether you’re focusing on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram posting a video on social media can have a huge impact. This is true regardless of business type or industry. Whether a charity, startup or…

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The Benefits of Professional Video Production in Kent

camera filming

If there’s one thing we’re sure of it’s that professional video production in Kent brings with it a range of benefits. Rather than settling for an amateur video that’s been rushed and poorly made, professional video production guarantees the best. At Wildwood Media, we’re proud of the Kent video production services we provide and we’re…

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