Benefits of Video on Social Media

When it comes to gaining customers, very few techniques work as well as having a video produced for use on social media. Whether you’re focusing on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram posting a video on social media can have a huge impact. This is true regardless of business type or industry. Whether a charity, startup or large multinational, videos on social media can really improve your presence and get across key information.

Why Should You Use Video on Social Media?

  • Videos Are Engaging and Enticing – Videos are a great way to entice potential customers, as they offer a unique way for them to engage with the business or brand. Videos keep a potential customer’s engagement for a lot longer than text or a photograph. This provides more time for them to be convinced of what’s being said or offered.
  • Videos Stand Out from Other Posts – With so many posts being uploaded every moment on social media, it’s important for a business or brand to stand out. One of the best ways to stand out is with high quality imagery, music, graphics and an all round professional video. As a potential customer is scrolling through their social media feed, they are much more likely to stop and watch a video.
  • Videos Are Likely to Be Shared – When a comical or informative video is seen online, it’s likely to be shared. This could be between friends, between family or between colleagues. It could even be as a repost or retweet on someone else’s profile.
  • Videos Can Market Products or Services – One of the top benefits of using video on social media is that there are very few limits, meaning video can be used for a number of different reasons. Whether you’re looking to market a product or the business itself, a video can be professionally created. This also means that videos can have multiple purposes, such as being entertaining and informative.
  • Value for money – If you’re having a main promotional film made, then reworking some of the footage for a social media cut is cost effective way to boost content. By making short (say 15 second) cuts of your film you can alert people to the main film and also make people aware of further services or product information.

An example of social media cuts from a larger promo can be seen below. We worked in partnership with LLP Productions in London on the below films. The longer cuts where around 2-4 minutes but we made two cut downs of each film for social media, a 15′ and a 30′ cut.

The above is a 15 second cut and below is the full edit

Video Production Kent for Social Media

At Wildwood Media, we have a lot of experience in creating professional videos for use on social media. We understand the impact a video can have on social media and its ability to gain customers, which is why we recommend it to many of our clients. To find out more about video production in Kent, get in touch.