Kent’s Best Coastal Backdrops for Your Corporate Video

When it comes to creating a corporate video, choosing the right filming location is crucial. But with so many factors to consider, from costs to aesthetic appeal, finding the perfect spot can feel like an uphill battle.

Often known as the Garden of England, Kent has a huge range of coastal backdrops, plenty of which are free to visit making it a great place for all kinds of video projects.

To help you choose the right location, we’ve put together our top 5 coastal backdrops for your next corporate video:

White Cliffs of Dover

Probably one of the most iconic cliffs in England, the views from the White Cliffs of Dover do not disappoint. The chalk cliffs are very popular amongst tourists and those looking to walk along the top and marvel at the sea views. Due to the rich history of the cliffs, the walkways can become quite busy, so it is good to visit first thing in the morning to avoid crowds. The cliffs are also a great location for drone or aerial footage!

Reculver Towers

This medieval wonder is ideal if you are looking to add an element of elegance with a splash of history to your project. Situated on the coastline, the towers are the unspoilt place to film if you are looking for a coastal location with fewer people (compared to locations like the White Cliffs of Dover). The towers are surrounded by ruins of a fort built to stand against the Saxon raids, so it won’t be difficult to find a backdrop here to meet your needs.

Tankerton Beach, Whitstable

This shingle beach on the outskirts of Whitstable has limitless spots for shooting corporate videos. The promenade stretches along the whole beach with colourful beach huts along the coastline – perfect for anyone looking to add a pop of colour to their project. It was even the location for filming The Saturday’s music video Issues. During the summer and weekends with nice weather, this beach becomes quite the tourist hub, so a good time to visit is the spring.

Botany Bay, Broadstairs

The sandy beaches and chalk-stacked pillars are what make Botany Bay a hidden gem of a filming location along the Kentish coastline. Famed for its history of smugglers, this is a sight to see whether the tide is in or out. This location is excellent all year round (although a lot windier in the winter months) but best to check the tide before planning your trip as walking on the beach amongst the pillars is what will really make your corporate video special.

Margate Beach

Margate is a popular seaside town that is a hub for tourists and locals alike. Along the sandy beaches, there are plenty of shops and arcades, each adorned with its distinct style. Whether you’re looking for a bustling promenade or a peaceful stretch of sand, Margate has something that will help your corporate video stand out. To get a panoramic view of the beach, head out onto the pier (the Harbour Arm). The sounds of the sea and the chatter of visitors can also add to the overall atmosphere of your video.

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