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Nobody wants a corporate video they’re not proud of

Looking for high-quality videos that stands out from your competitors? Finding the right video production company can be a big risk. Out-dated styles can distract your audience, and when a film isn’t believable, people switch off – so your whole video project falls flat. When you hire a video production company in London, you need to be sure they can connect with your audience and keep them engaged.

‘Chris’s creativity and knowledge put a different spin on our original plans to make what we wanted that much better. They were super organised, professional and we had an amazing time filming. They stuck to time and were always professional. We will definitely be using Wildwood again!

Nikki Lewis

NHS Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells Trust 

Captivate your audience with video that will stand out

Choosing the right video production company in the capital can be a risk. Based in London, we are part of a team working to bring your creative visions to life.  We have a broad skill set and years of expertise to make sure you get the high-quality film you deserve. Our team is made up of experienced film crew members who know how to captivate your audience and create a video you can be proud of.

Captivate With

Using your brand personality as a filter, we harness the power of story to express your message in a compelling way that grabs people’s attention and holds it.

Maximise Impact
With Music

We maximise the impact of your film with smart and sensitive use of music that only ever enhances and never overwhelms the experience for your viewers.

The Experience

Relax and enjoy our no-hassle service as we take care of everything for you from scheduling and location, lighting and sound….even scripts if needed!

Video production for businesses, non-profits and schools in London and the south east to help you stand out

At Wildwood Media we are experienced videographers who can help you get your message across to your audience. We deliver high-quality film productions to companies, non-profit organisations and schools in London and surrounding areas. Whether you’re looking for a slick corporate back drop in the heart of the City of London, or a gritty East End authentic street scene ( and everything inbetween), we can help you plan your project to get the impact you need.

Get video production your whole team can be proud of

Video Production London Wildwood Media


Tell us what you want your video to achieve so we can create a plan tailored to your needs and budget to realise your creative vision.

Video Production London Wildwood Media


We’ll take care of the whole shoot then edit your footage, with high quality touches so you cut down time on the review process.

Video Production London Wildwood Media


Show off your video with pride, knowing your film captivates your audience and reflects the true professionalism of your brand.

‘Wildwood’s advice and technical knowledge is second to none.
We wouldn't hesitate to use them again.’

Helene (Director of Fundraising & Events Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex)

As Your Trusted London Video Company we offer a complete script-to-screen service

There’s a lot to consider with video production and we help simplify that for you. As 5-star Google rated videographers in London we specialise in video production for charities, schools and businesses and know all the best locations across the capital for all types of video projects. From recruitment campaigns, to promotional videos or drone shoots we can support you in creating videos that you will be proud of.

Wildwood Media has been providing high-quality brand films production for businesses and non-profits across the UK since 2014.

Video Production London Wildwood Media

Wildwood Media is part of the growing Wildwood family. We also serve the NHS and HealthCare Sector through Healthcare Films By Wildwood, stream concerts and real-time events through Wildwood Live and create feature-length films through Wildwood Films. Members of the talented crew behind the Wildwood family have a broad skill set with special areas of focus so you can rest assured you always have the expertise you need when you contract our services.

Don’t waste time wondering what might have been if only you’d had a great video for your organisation. Hire Wildwood Media today and have peace of mind everything will be taken care of by an experienced London-based film crew who deliver great results every time.

Your London video production questions answered

What services does Wildwood Media Video Production offer?

We provide a wide range of video production and media services in London. Our offerings include filming, video editing, graphics, animation, brand videos, and more. While we don't specialise in weddings, photography, or design, our experienced filmmakers and directors have worked across various sectors, including feature films, documentaries, product videos, events video productions, story-based campaigns for London-based brands, sales and advertising videos, short promotional videos for corporate websites, shorts, videos for YouTube, and creating video adverts for corporate clients in London.

How can video production benefit my London-based business?

As a professional video production company in London, our film crew assists clients in creating engaging video content tailored to the London market. We ensure your vision comes to life and enhances your brand's message by crafting compelling videos that capture the attention of your London audience and drive them to take action. Our comprehensive service covers everything, including equipment, presenters, storyboarding, animations, and music, if appropriate, all customised to suit the London context.

What is the video production process like?

Our process involves understanding your goals and target audience, planning, filming footage, editing, and delivering high-quality results. We keep you involved at every stage to ensure your video's expectations are consistently met. Our video production company takes the time to understand your requirements and leverage our experience and expertise to deliver outstanding videos that resonate with your audience.

Can you handle both small and large-scale film projects in London?

Absolutely! We have extensive experience working on a variety of projects in London, ranging from small promotional campaign videos for London-based marketing purposes to large-scale event coverage, such as awards nights and documentary productions.

How do you tailor your services to meet the unique needs of London-based clients?

We believe in creating customised solutions for our London-based customers. We take the time to understand your business, ideas, and audience, and tailor our services to align with your specific requirements.

How can video content benefit my company's social media presence?

Engaging videos are highly shareable on social media platforms, and London is a diverse and active online community. We create content that resonates with your target audience, helping your team gain leads and build a stronger online presence.

Can you film on location in London?

Yes, we have extensive experience filming in various locations across London. Our versatile crews ensure we capture the essence of the vibrant city in your videos.

What types of London-based businesses benefit from your video production services?

Businesses of all sizes in London benefit from our services. Whether you're a startup, an established company, or a nonprofit organisation based in London, and you have services or products to promote, our videos can help convey your brand message effectively within the London landscape.

How can videos lead to better customer engagement and brand loyalty in London?

Videos tell stories that connect people emotionally, and in a culturally diverse and vibrant city like London, effective storytelling is key. By creating meaningful videos that resonate with your London-based audience, you can build stronger customer relationships and brand loyalty, generating more leads for your company.

How do you ensure that your video production fits within my company's budget?

We work closely with you to understand your budget and account for the unique challenges and opportunities that could impact your video. With our comprehensive approach, we can deliver high-quality videos that match your vision without compromising on quality at a reasonable price.

How can videos be used for training purposes within my company?

Training videos are an effective tool for employee training, whether it's product tutorials, safety protocols, or onboarding processes. Videos ensure consistent and engaging training experiences for your staff.

How can I get in touch with Wildwood Media to discuss my film project in London?

Getting in touch is easy! Schedule a call and provide some initial information about your London-based project. We'll take care of everything and assist you with your video project in London. In the meantime, look through our website for examples of our work, including projects in London.