About Video

About Video > Why is video production important?

A video is vital for every company to allow them to showcase their business, whilst conveying brand personality and values. In today’s online world, producing a quality video allows you to engage effectively with your audience. Proven to be significantly more engaging than just text, the right video will increase your website traffic and interest in your company.

About Video > How much does a video cost?

The cost of a video will vary depending on requirements. Charity video production and corporate video production costs can range from £300 up to £1 million.

About Video > How long should a video be?

Ideally the shorter the better, however it’s important that you get across the information you want. Consideration must be given to your objectives, who the video is for, and which platform it will be shown on - Twitter based films need to be shorter than a YouTube film for example. At Wildwood Media, we always say that a film ‘will find its own length’. While this is true, it’s only possible to achieve by having an experienced filmmaker working on it who knows how to find the heart of your story.

About Video > What is digital film production?

Digital film production is what all modern video production is. Film used to be shot on just that, ‘film’ (aka celluloid film), however in the last decade digital film has become so advanced that is used in 99% of cases. All Hollywood films, promotional and corporate films are shot digitally.

About Video > I have a visual idea, can it be used?

A lot of films stem from a client’s initial idea. Sometimes they grow beyond that, and sometimes the idea lasts in its original form right until the end. Either way, a professional filmmaker will always welcome any ideas you have. Whilst it can be advantageous to have a visual idea at the start, it is by no means essential.

About Video > Do I have to write the script for my video?

No, that’s why you’ve gone to a specialist. A professional filmmaker will have scriptwriters who will work on the optimal script for your film, and get input and sign off from you during the process. If you would like creative input, however, that’s fine too and we will work with you to get the end result you want.

About Video Production

Production > What is video production?

These days, when video production is mentioned it is often in reference to films for businesses and marketing purposes. It’s a way of telling the story of your company, service and/or product to an audience – but in a way that can engage and retain their attention. It’s an essential sales and marketing tool that can increases sales and brand awareness. What used to just be available to large companies advertising on TV, is now available to businesses and charities of all sizes thanks to the internet and lower production costs.

Production > How long does it take to produce a video?

This will depend on the type of video you are producing; a one interview film is quicker than a week long, multiple location shoot. However, as a rule of thumb, most videos can be produced within a 1 month timescale. To get a better idea of timescale for your specific project, please feel free to contact us. We are only too happy to give advice with no obligation.

Production > What is the film production process?

Film production is the process of taking a story and turning it into an engaging audio-visual experience. Combining motion picture, music, language and narrative, film is the single most accessible and powerful tool in the world for sharing a message.

Production > What are the stages of the film production process?

Typically the film production process is made up of 3 stages – pre-production, filming, and post-production.

Production > What is film pre-production?

Pre-production is the first stage of the film making process. It’s where meetings, planning, scripting, storyboarding and scheduling take place. We take this stage seriously as it is where we make sure you will get the film you want, and that everyone is in agreement about logistics and aesthetics.

Production > What is video post-production?

Post-production is the third and final stage of the film making process; it’s where all the elements of pre-production and filming come together. All the beautiful shots, insightful interviews, voice over, music, animation and visual effects are combined to make a singular film that you can be proud to show off.

Production > What is editing in the post-production process?

Editing is the central part of post-production, where the images are spliced together to make one overall film. At its most basic level, it is two pieces of film placed side by side. But from that small beginning the magic grows, and once even more video and audio is added, something truly special can be produced.

Production > What happens after post-production?

After post-production the video is fully quality checked, prior to delivery to the client. We offer sign-off at key points during the production, and none more so than at the final stage. When the final cut is locked and your film is delivered, it is then ready to be shown, either online or offline, depending on your requirements. We are always on hand to advise on how best to showcase your new film especially online, to ensure you use it to its fullest potential.

About Animation

Animation > What are animations and visual effects?

Animation and visual effects are the elements in films that are created in computers (or by hand) and not captured by a camera. Sometimes the only way to tell your story, or to have an interesting visual style, is through animation or with the aid of visual effects. Visual effects in most corporate films tend to be called Motion Graphics, which can be the rendering of visually interesting graphs, facts and figures and typography. It is not essential for every video, but is very effective when used correctly.

Animation > How much does an animation cost?

There isn’t a standard cost, as this is entirely dependent on your individual requirements. However, original animation is more costly than actual film footage, because it must be created from scratch. It needs an artist to draw it, an animator to render it, and then it must go through the usual sound processes. Templates can be used as a cheaper or faster option, however they don’t lend themselves to a one off, original animation. You will need to push your message to fit the template rather than creating something special and original just for you, which has its disadvantages. At Wildwood Media we love animation but, like any aspect of video, it must be used in the right way for the correct purposes.

Animation > How long does it take to produce an animation?

Due to the nature of creating animation, it can take longer than filming. The exact timing is dependent on what you are looking to create, and the final length. To get a better idea of timescale for your specific animation, please feel free to contact us. We are only too happy to give advice with no obligation.

About Wildwood Media

About Wildwood Media > What video production services do you provide?

We offer a wide range of video production services from one-man shoots to large scale crews. We produce online content, promotional films, social media films, training films, aerial filming and photography, health and safety, internal and external communication videos. Whether you are looking for a charity promotional video or a corporate video production, we can produce the right video to suit your specific needs.

About Wildwood Media > Do you produce films?

Yes. We produce a range of films and videos to suit your requirements and budget. From branded content through to corporate films, we have the team, skill and experience to bring your video to life. Our sister company, Wildwood Films, also produces films, TV dramas, documentaries and more for television and the big screen.

About Wildwood Media > What kinds of videos do you specialise in?

We specialise in producing the right video for you, not just one type of video. What stands us apart is our approach and style choices. We carefully plan and research our films, and always look to find the heart and/or human angle of the story – regardless of what or whom the film is for.

About Wildwood Media > What tools and equipment do you use?

We use a whole host of the latest and different film technologies. With digital film now the norm, the film tools that were previously only available to large budgets and Hollywood Studios are now much more affordable and accessible. We have used the same equipment that’s been used on many big films, including Captain Marvel, Green Book and Deadpool, to name but three from a very long and impressive list.

About Wildwood Media > Can I choose the music for my film?

We welcome your full input at every stage, including music choice, and will always do our best to accommodate your choices. However, please be aware that unless your budget is substantial, it is unlikely that you will be able to choose copyright music such as your favourite song or a top 40 hit. One of the parts of our film making process and experience that we feel stands us apart is our ability to choose the right music to take your film to the next level.

About Wildwood Media > Do I need to come up with visual ideas for my film?

Not at all, that it why you have approached us in the first place. If you do have an idea then please share it with us, but it is not a necessity. As a professional team with a passion for media production, you can trust us to learn from you and create the best video for your company.

About Wildwood Media > Who owns the IP of my promotional video?

You do. You own the IP of your film, but we retain the ability to use the footage for our own marketing materials, unless you ask us not to. We will never use the footage of any internal or confidential films.

About Wildwood Media > Who owns the copyright of my promotional video?

You do. You own the copyright of your film, but we retain the ability to use the footage for our own marketing materials unless you ask us not too. Many clients ask us to store the raw footage for a number of years, but if you do not want us to then we will delete it as soon as the project is completed

About Wildwood Media > What about GDPR Compliance?

At Wildwood Media, we have been independently audited by a GDPR specialist. We take personal information and confidential material very seriously, and we are always here to answer any questions you may have. However, please rest assured that GDPR does not mean that you cannot make a video or use your employees on film. To discuss further, please feel free to contact us.

About Wildwood Media > Can you help us drive traffic to the video?

Absolutely. We offer free, honest, and proven advice on how best to use your video. However, for specific marketing of your video to maximise its potential and with ideas bespoke to you, we offer the service of a marketing team that can help you.

About Wildwood Media > Can our videos be used on social media?

Indeed they can! A very common output of ours is effective video content for social media. One cost effective and common practice we offer to our clients is once a main promotion film has been produced (say two minutes in length) we offer ‘cut downs’ for social media. These cut downs are short, 15-30 second mini promos. They maximise your budget and create more content from the one initial project.