Compelling film to demonstrate why you should be their employer of choice

Stand Out From Other Recruiters

Communicate Your Culture

Charm The Best Candidates

Can you afford to lose out on great candidates?

When tasked with building a great talent pool, your tactics need to work fast and effectively or you risk losing the best people to other recruiters. And that’s hard to swallow. But sometimes it takes more than a heartfelt advert and generous benefits list. You need people to experience what it’s like to work with you – something that’s tough to manage with words alone.

Show Them Why It’s Great To Work With You

Your organisation has a lot to shout about – but communicating that is easier said than done. Video, when done well, can be fast and highly effective in showing people why they need to work with you. You need an experienced film crew who can create memorable film people will connect with in just a few seconds and know instinctively that you are the employer for them.

Wildwood Media gave 110% to our project, very professional and adapted the project as required. Nothing was too much trouble - Thank you, Chris!

Becky Pickett


When you’ve just seconds to grab attention, your film needs to get noticed fast. We’ll help you find the right way to make an impactful first impression so people will want to work with you.


Bring your job roles to life with inspiring stories from your workforce that show how your organisation is different to others  and why people love working there – so others will find it just as irresistible too.


You don’t need video, you need actual results. That could be attracting for a niche position or mass recruitment for a new business. We work with you to identify what ‘success’ looks like so we can deliver just that.

Your reputation hinges on your video

How you portray your brand in video can make (or break) a recruitment campaign. You need a film crew who will work alongside your team, taking time to understand the values you need to broadcast. We’ll help you strike the right note so your message engages and feels inviting.

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Your recruitment videos in safe hands

Wildwood is a full-service video production agency with the latest camera tech, animation, graphics and even drones to deliver stunning video and value for money, every time. Our crew take care of every element of film production, from planning to final touches like subtitling and social media edits – so we can control the budget and deliver to your schedule.

Recruit your dream team with video that works

Recruitment films Wildwood Media


Tell us what you want your video to achieve so we can create a plan tailored to your needs and budget to realise your creative vision.

Recruitment films Wildwood Media


We’ll take care of the whole shoot then edit your footage, with high quality touches so you cut down time on the review process.

Recruitment films Wildwood Media


Show off your video with pride, knowing your film captivates your audience and reflects the personality and values of your charity.

Don’t sit back and let the competition snap up top talent. Book a call with Wildwood Media and work with an experienced, professional film crew who know how to make your brand values stand out so attracting the right talent becomes easy.