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About Wildwood Media Wildwood Media

Video Shouldn’t Be Stressful

Filming can be daunting. So you need a crew you can rely on to get the best out of your video and take care of everything for you – making the whole experience easy and stress-free.

Don’t worry. You’re in safe hands.

'Our video was a critical part of our marketing strategy so it was crucial that we hit the mark with it. Wildwood came up with ideas we hadn’t even considered, adding value at every point along the way'


Diagrama Foundation 


We take time to understand your audience and learn what makes them tick so your film inspires people to take action.


You’re busy, we get it. That’s why we take care of every  detail of your project - so you never have to worry.


We work closely with you to bring your vision to life so your brand is showcased exactly as you want it to be.

Telling Powerful Stories Through Compelling Video

Your customers love a good story.

How do we know? It’s how our brains are wired. We can’t resist a story that engages and enlightens us.

That’s why Wildwood Media harnesses the power of story to captivate your audience with effective video that clearly communicates your brand values and personality.

About Wildwood Media Wildwood Media
About Wildwood Media Wildwood Media

We’re all about the balance

With more than two decades working in the film
industry our team know how easily a good film can be
ruined by clunky effects or corny ‘emotion’.
When a film doesn’t feel believable, we switch off.

And you can’t afford that when it’s your brand reputation on the line. That’s why we use exactly the right balance of visual effects and select music that enhances impact - but never overwhelms.

Whether a corporate video or Hollywood blockbuster – we believe every film should captivate and engage. That’s why we apply the same professional approach to every film we make to guarantee the best results for our clients.

What you can expect when you work with us

The sky’s the limit and nothing’s a hassle.
We’ve everything you need – the latest camera tech,
animation, graphics and even drones to deliver
stunning video and value for money, every time.

Our crew work across Kent, London, and the Midlands - including Northampton and Birmingham - taking care of every element of film production, from planning to finishing touches like subtitling and social media edits – that way we can work within your budget constraints
and always deliver to your schedule.

About Wildwood Media Wildwood Media
About Wildwood Media Wildwood Media

Who we are

Wildwood Media started as a video production company
covering London and the south east in 2014 and has grown to become a family of film services under the Wildwood brand. With a background in cinematic film, our founder Chris Newberry has 20+ years experience, including extensive work for the Fire Service and NHS. Chris also lectures on film production and holds Wildwood’s drone camera licence. We serve the NHS and HealthCare Sector through Healthcare Films By Wildwood, we stream concerts and real-time events through Wildwood Live and create feature-length films through Wildwood Films.

Who we work with

We work on projects across Kent, the home counties, London and the Midlands, including Northampton across to Birmingham. We’ve had the privilege of partnering with national brands, local businesses, and some amazing non-profits who are making a real difference to our society.

About Wildwood Media Wildwood Media

How we do it

About Wildwood Media Wildwood Media


Tell us what you want your video to achieve so we can create a plan tailored to your needs and budget to realise your creative vision.

About Wildwood Media Wildwood Media


We’ll take care of the whole shoot then edit your footage, with high quality touches so you cut down time on the review process.

About Wildwood Media Wildwood Media


Show off your video with pride, knowing your film captivates your audience and reflects the true professionalism of your brand.

Investing in video should never like a risk. Call Wildwood Media today for an experienced video production crew who know how to connect with your audience so have peace of mind you’ll get value for money with a stunning video everyone can feel proud of.