Why do we hate seeing ourselves on screen?

Hiding from the camera

  My history with the camera and film production is long. I’ve been making films since I was, well, too young to really remember, but it’s been a long, long time: let’s just put it that way! When I was making those films as a child I would put myself in front of the camera…

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Why All Charities Should Have a Charity Promotional Video

charity filming

Whether or not you have used a charity promotional video before, you are sure to know that a professional video is one of the most popular ways for a charity to promote a cause or an event. This, along with the range of impressive benefits, is why all charities should consider having one made. The…

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The Benefits of Professional Video Production in Kent

camera filming

If there’s one thing we’re sure of it’s that professional video production in Kent brings with it a range of benefits. Rather than settling for an amateur video that’s been rushed and poorly made, professional video production guarantees the best. At Wildwood Media, we’re proud of the Kent video production services we provide and we’re…

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How Much Does Video Production Cost?

pound symbol

Corporate Video Prices Many of the most common questions we are asked at Wildwood Media are in regards to corporate video prices and the costs of having a creative video produced, and we can understand why. Video production is quickly growing in popularity as many business owners are realising the benefits a custom video can…

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