Northampton’s best backdrops for your corporate video

If you’re looking to film a corporate video in Northampton, choosing the right backdrop is essential. You could hire a studio, but sometimes this can be costly and can limit your time.

Filming outside the studio can give you a variety of backdrops and means you can be more flexible – plus natural lighting can often be more appealing than studio lighting! The location can also help set the tone and mood for your video which can make all the difference when it comes to the final product.

To help you choose a backdrop for your next corporate video, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 outdoor filming locations in Northampton:

The Grand Union Canal

The Grand Union Canal is a true gem in Northampton, providing a series of charming backdrops for filming. This stunning waterway stretches over 137 miles, winding through the English countryside, and offers an array of possibilities when filming your corporate video. The canal is a popular destination for walkers, fishermen, and boaters, and offers a glimpse into the beautiful British countryside, so the possibilities are truly endless.

Delapré Abbey (NN4)

Nestled in breathtaking gardens, Delapré Abbey is a truly picturesque location. The expansive gardens, paired with the 12th-century architecture, provide a stunning backdrop that will elevate your video to new heights. With unique water features in the Delapré Gardens and the striking brickwork of the abbey, this historic estate offers plenty of settings for all types of video projects. Whether you’re looking for distinctive beauty or ancient allure, Delapré Abbey’s historic grounds are a perfect choice for your next corporate video.

Sywell Country Park (NN6)

If you’re searching for a location that will add a sense of natural beauty to your corporate video, look no further than Sywell Country Park. This scenic park is a popular destination for open-water swimming and fishing in the reservoir so can add some character to your project. There are intimate paths through the sprawling meadows and enchanting woodlands where you can also see Edwardian buildings tucked away in the landscapes.

Market Square (NN1)

If you’re in search of a livelier location, then look no further than Market Square for the ideal film location in the centre of Northampton. Bursting with a vibrant atmosphere, the square is full of busy market stalls selling crafts, food, and flowers – perfect for adding life to your video. Even when the market stalls are closed, the square remains a hub of activity as it is a popular destination for tourists, making it an ideal choice for a bustling backdrop. The stunning architecture surrounding the square, coupled with the charming cobblestone streets, make it an all-around fantastic location for your corporate video in Northampton.

Tove Wetland Pocket Park (NN12)

Situated on the outskirts of Northampton, Tove Wetlands Pocket Park is an ideal location to film any time of the year – however, its beauty reaches a new level during autumn. Situated alongside the River Tove, the park boasts a range of flora and fauna that will be sure to blow you away. With an array of different colours from the wildflowers, this backdrop has the potential to bring any video to life, especially with its endless unspoilt views.

Need some help with your next corporate video project?

When filming outside and in public areas, there are a lot of variables that can impact the quality of your film. At Wildwood Media we understand these variables and know how overwhelming it could be to work with them in outdoor locations.

By using an experienced team like Wildwood Media, we can take away the stress and help you get the professional video your business deserves. We specialise in outsourced corporate videos, films for charities, promotional videos & PR and so much more, so have the skills to create videos for your business you can be proud of. As videographers in Northampton, we know the best locations to film your next corporate video. If you need help with your next project, book a free 30-minute call to discuss your idea with our team so you can have a corporate video you will love and that your audience will engage with