Top 5 Waterfront Film Locations in London

If you’ve ever tried to capture footage along London’s River Thames, you know how frustrating it can be when people walk right into your frame. It can really mess up the aesthetic of the video and make the process of filming take longer than it should.

While it may seem impossible to try and keep these pesky passers-by out of your shot, it is possible!

When is the best time to film?

Early morning tends to be the best time to film along the River Thames as it is less crowded, making it easier to capture the perfect shot without worrying about interruptions or distractions. Typically, the mornings also offer the best lighting of the river and the surrounding scenery, so the extra effort of choosing the right location and time to visit will pay off.

To help you create the best content, we’ve put together a list of our top five waterfront film locations for your next video production in London:

1. Tower Bridge (SE1)

London’s most recognisable bridge straddles the River Thames and is often used as a filming location for movies. You can even walk across the bridge itself to get some panoramic views of the city. Either side of the Thames will give you a good view of the river and buildings on the skyline, and you can also see when the bridge deck is raised using the timetable giving you even more variety to get the best shot.

    2. The Elizabeth Tower, Big Ben (SW1A)

    Probably the most famous landmark in London, Big Ben is a truly marvellous wonder and can be used as a prop for all kinds of video projects. Instead of heading straight to Big Ben to capture your video from its base like most people tend to, cross the bridge and head down the small steps to get the River Thames in the forefront and Big Ben in the background of your frame.

    3. South Bank Promenade (SE1)

    The South Bank Promenade is a perfect location for capturing stunning aerial or drone footage that shows the beauty of the river and its picturesque waterfront architecture. The promenade stretches over four kilometres, providing ample opportunities to capture the perfect shot.

    4. Waterloo Bridge (SE1)

    Another of London’s walkable bridges that is equally as striking as the Tower Bridge is Waterloo Bridge. Due to its location on the bend of the River Thames, you can see famous landmarks such as the London Eye, Canary Wharf, Westminster and Southbank. If you are looking to capture the popular spots in London, then Waterloo Bridge is a good place for your next video project.

    5. Regents Canal (N1)

    Although this one is technically not on River Thames, it is too good not to include. If you’re looking for something with a more intimate feeling for video production in London, then Regent’s Canal won’t disappoint. With the colourful narrowboats and houseboats that adorn the canal, this setting offers a calmer one than that of the Thames.

    The canals are much narrower than the Thames, and if you choose the right spots, you can incorporate the boat dams and locks as well as the wildlife. The London Waterbus Tours are also a great way to capture some of London’s best spots from a different perspective – you can find out more about the tours here.

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