Video Communication is Essential in Times of Uncertainty

As a video production company, we are only too aware of how uncertain times can impact a business. Regardless of who you are and what you do, there is a high chance that things will change when a major problem hits such as the current Coronavirus pandemic. Though this can be inconvenient and stressful, help is at hand. Uncertainty doesn’t mean that it’s time to sit back and wait for everything to pass, as this could result in customers going elsewhere and forgetting about the brand. With video communication, it’s possible to continue functioning as a successful business throughout a crisis. We’ve looked at the services we can offer here to help you during the Covid-19 outbreak.

How Video Communication Can Help Businesses During Uncertain Times

Regardless of what’s going on around us, keeping a strong relationship with customers is vital. As a business, you need to communicate with customers and this is where video communication comes in. With so much written content floating around online, it’s very difficult to stand out with generic blogs and articles. However, videos are a lot more engaging. It’s a lot easier to communicate via live streaming video, animation and whiteboard videos than it is to communicate via simple text. With so many competitors using written content, it makes sense to do something a little bit different.

Though you may be operating remotely and distancing yourself from customers, that’s not to say that you cannot still stay connected and keep them up to date as you would usually. Whether you are sharing news of a service or providing information about a product, video works brilliantly. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that communicating with a remote video is a lesser or subpar option, as it works incredibly well.

There are a lot of different ways to use video as a business with live video streaming, animation and whiteboard videos being the most popular. It doesn’t matter whether you decide to live stream behind the scenes of business life or you have a unique animation created to share information, video communication is hugely beneficial. We recommend using a video production company when creating business videos, as professional insight can boost video success.

We recently put together a video for Diagrama Foundation to say thank you for Easter donations they’d received for one of the care homes. Using use footage and photos we were able to create an engaging, emotive and rewarding film. In times like these it’s thinking outside the box, if you’re working from a place where we can’t come and film then it doesn’t mean to say you can’t achieve exciting content.

Below are a few more examples of lockdown films we’ve created and animation examples.