The Importance of Communication during uncertain times

With the outbreak of Covid-19 aka Coronavirus, society is being tested like it’s never been before, at least not in many of our lifetimes. The key to getting through this is to be sensible, listen to advice and not to be too anxious. By working together and using social distancing and isolation, we’ll get through this. As the saying goes ‘we’re all in this together’.

And while we must be aware that we’re in uncertain times – we must find ways to engage with our service users. Indeed, it’s times like this when communication is most important.

Internet usage has seen a 60% increase since self-isolations took hold, no great surprise there! But a huge part of this has been on video – Netflix and YouTube being the two main ones.

So, if you’re working at a government organisation or company that still needs to get information out during this time, or you just want to keep your customers engaged, then what better way than through video.

Video is a huge player in today’s business communities and online world, but now more than ever it can play a part in helping see this moment in history through by delivering reassurance and key information.

One of our key services that is getting called into action is live streaming.

If you have an event, lecture, seminar, meeting or important message that you need to get out live, then we can help with our expert streaming team. Using professional audio-visual equipment designed for live streaming, we can help keep your audience as engaged as if they were really there. We’ve recently been asked by the NHS to look at live streaming their public board meetings. Video isn’t just for entertainment and whiling away from isolated hours, it’s an essential tool in keeping things moving. You can live stream through your website, YouTube, Facebook and many other platforms. The first two are our preferred methods but we can work to any service you wish regarding live streaming.

‘84% of marketers say video has helped them increase website traffic, and 80% state it has increased dwell time on their website too (Wyzowl).’

Don’t’ forget, the government is relaying it’s key information through live broadcasts on TV – with our Prime Minister and his team stepping up to podiums to keep us updated. Millions are tuning into television with live news streaming into their homes. People want information, they need it to stay safe and keep up to date. We’re able to offer you that same access with our live streaming service. We’ve also set it up so there will be a minimal team coming to your premises to do the live streaming, usually just a team of two.

However, if live streaming isn’t for you but you have important messages to get out then there are other services that can keep your audience engaged, in addition to the streaming we’re offering special rates on animation videos, explainer/whiteboard films and editing of archived material.

Explainer videos, also known as whiteboard videos, are simple yet effective ways of relaying information. In times like this they’re a superb, cost-effective option to a promotional film but they also work as a fantastic way to get key messages out through the power of video.

Animation, which is like the big brother to the above, offers similar options but it can be much more detailed, which can make them fantastic visual experiences, however that also comes with a cost. Depending on your requirements and budgets an explainer, whiteboard or animation film could be the way to go. We’re always happy to advise on this – and our advice costs nothing!

The final service we’re offering currently is that of editing. If you have pre-existing material from a previous production or have just shot a message on your iPhone or own camera but now need it to have that professional edge, perhaps with motion graphics, a call to action or your logo added to it, then we can help with this. Our rates in this area are exceptionally competitive as you’re only looking at one or two areas (just editing or editing and motion graphics).

‘Viewers are 95% more likely to remember a CTA after watching a video, compared to just 10% when reading it in text format (Forbes, 2017).’

If you have any questions or would just like to talk through the options available then please do not hesitate to contact us at Wildwood Media – we’re all working remotely but are able to talk via phone or email to offer advice on the best way forward if you have an important message to get out – whether that be through live streaming, animation or editing of pre-existing footage.
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