The Importance of Building Long Lasting Relationships with Clients

As the owner of Wildwood Media I’m looking to build relationships with suppliers in both the Business to Business (B2B) side and also the Business to Consumer (B2C) side based on what I’m always learning in the non-business side of my life: Having a 5-year-old son always keeps me up to date with consumer trends – usually with my son informing me of what he HAS to have!

As a business owner I know that customer and client retention and happiness is key to everything. I want to work with clients more than just once at Wildwood Media. I love the idea of building lasting relationships and a bond between ourselves and those we create videos for so there’s a trust and understanding there. They know from that first video onwards (and ideally before!) that we’re the video production team for them, whatever they want we can do it and meet deadlines and budgets and make the process easy and fun! But I’m surprised this isn’t the same view for all companies – or at least they don’t seem to place as the same importance on it as we do. I’m not just talking about our competitors here – I mean all businesses whether B2B or B2C.

I want to know that the company I’m buying goods or services from care enough about me and the product I’m buying that I’ll to continue to return, not just as a paying customer but as someone who will speak well of them to other potential customers.

We all lead such busy lifestyles that clients and customers need to know that the goods and services they buy will be fit for purpose and delivered with a minimum of fuss.

That’s what drives us here at Wildwood Media, not simply customer satisfaction – but customer happiness. Are they walking away with a smile, looking forward to the next time we speak. They’ll know we won’t ever give them a hard sell but are happy to discuss and advise on any ideas they have. Once the project has been delivered we are confident that each client feels that the process has been  simple and productivehelped by excellent communication (something we believe strongly in, enough for it to be a blog post for another time!).  We are finding that by making our work together enjoyable, clients not only trust us but feel that, when it comes to video work, one area of their lives has been simplified – and Wildwood Media is the company they will come back to when they want more.

And it’s that trust and bond that I look for whether in my business or personal life; I want someone to enjoy what they do and be so good at it that I don’t have to worry about starting all over again by trying to find someone else who provides that service.