Testimonial – MidKent College

Yesterday we received a really lovely testimonial from our client, MidKent College. Written by Steve Hyland, Head of Marketing at MidKent College, the testimonial means a lot to us and so I wanted to share it with you here.

There were so many reasons this video project was important to me and my company, firstly,  it’s an inspiring project to work on and we made some great friends along the way but also, I proudly used to go to college at MidKent College (Oakwood Park campus). If it wasn’t for the early honing of my creativity at MKC and the projects (and work experience) I had there, I probably wouldn’t have had the career I have and be running my own media company now.

So to have my company, Wildwood Media, selected to produce their 2017 promotional film was always a great honour, but for the whole process to be as fun, rewarding and well received as it has been, it just makes it all the better.

The brief was to create an engaging promotional video that appealed to potential students (target audience 1) and their parents (target audience 2). While certain key courses were selected to feature, we wanted to show as much of the college and the wide variety of courses they offer as we could.

The fun beginning, made like an old 80’s VHS that’s being disrupted by the future, came about as we were looking to make an impactful beginning. The montage that comes after the 80’s section was always there but we wanted it to be as impactful as possible, which means starting on that section wouldn’t work. The 80’s idea came to us and we gave it to a go. Needless to say, the college liked it as much as us and helps the video stand out.

Here is the wonderful testimonial from Steve Hyland. You can see the film after the testimonial.

“We worked with Wildwood Media on a new promotional video for the College, and we’re absolutely delighted with the result.

Right from the outset, Wildwood Media took the time to understand our objectives for the project, the parameters we set for filming, and the deadlines and budget we were working towards.

Perhaps most importantly, Wildwood Media staff took the time to build relationships and trust with key members of our team who would help facilitate access to our facilities and customers for the duration of the shoot, and who would work closely with them in post-production. This was crucial, helped the process flow smoothly from start to finish, and essentially meant that Wildwood Media became part of our Marketing team for the duration of the project.

I absolutely endorse Wildwood Media and fully recommend such a fantastic company as a video partner.”

Steve Hyland, MidKent College

More testimonials are on our front page and I’m also planning to do more posts like this in the future.