What Every Business Owner Ought to Know About Social Video Marketing

Many business owners overlook the importance of social video marketing as part of their digital marketing campaigns; often they understand the importance of social media, SEO and creating interesting blogs, but then fail to execute arguably one of the most useful marketing tools – video.

Understanding Social Video Marketing

Social video marketing refers to using a purposely created video to market a product or service, and sometimes videos can even be made just to highlight the work a business does or to introduce key members of staff. Whatever the subject of the video and the aim, social video marketing is a great way to engage a large audience through the combination of social media and video. But, how is this done?

Simply, by using the social media tools most businesses already have in place. The most popular social media platforms for businesses are Facebook and Twitter, with many others also using LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram, and posting on these regularly is key to keeping engagement levels high and reminding customers who you are. But, often posts get lost in and amongst all the others and it can be hard to stand out – this is where social video marketing comes in. By posting a branded video creation onto social media accounts a business is able to promote a product or service in a way that is going to stand out. In fact, a video is much more likely to increase the time someone spends on a profile and increase conversions more than other types of post; and don’t forget, all videos can be posted on the website too!

What Makes for Good Online Video Content?

It is difficult to say exactly what does work and doesn’t work, without knowing the type of business a video is being produced for and whether it is a corporate video, a marketing video or something that’s just a bit of fun. But, key points include:

  • Ensure the video is fun and interesting, it needs to draw attention.
  • Provide important information and key details without over saturating the viewer, this can lead to them becoming bored and clicking off.
  • Ensure call-to-action commands are used throughout.
  • Try to keep the video short and snappy as videos that are too long can put someone off watching.

Our Social Media Video Success 

As a video production company in London we have a lot of experience in creating videos for business owners, and there are a few projects that really stand out as going above and beyond what we ever expected. One video for a local spa has been viewed over 30,000 times; the initial brief was to create a video to highlight the features of a new spa, but the video did far better than expected and reached a much wider audience showing just how much of an impact a professionally created video can have on social media.

Not forgetting that 360 is an highly engaging and innovative way to create online video content. It’s not right for everything project but when it is… it’s great!

Check out this recent example we produced for the world famous, Leeds Castle.

At Wildwood Media we work with you to create a video that speaks volumes and is personally created with your business in mind. We use social video marketing to tell a story, whether that be an interview with a customer, a testimonial, product promotion or just highlighting what the business does as a whole. It’s about finding the right video for you and through our experience and dedication, we do just that. If you are interesting in finding out more about video production and how a custom video can benefit you, get in touch!