Wildwood LIVE launches and offers high-quality video streaming services to all

At Wildwood Media we pride ourselves on our quality video production. We’ve always offered a full range of video production services from corporate videos, branded content, training films through to aerial filming and photography.

We’ve always provided the services of filming events, indeed it’s one of our most popular video production services. However, we’ve now invested heavily in live video streaming. This technology allows us to deliver your content live and direct to your audience.

Our dedicated team can now come and live stream your event.

We can live stream corporate events, seminars, presentations, speeches, fundraising events, music events, live events, virtual events – if you need it done live we can do it! It’s a really exciting technology that has been improving in quality all the time. We have actually offered these services for some time but it’s never been at a truly affordable rate. We only want to deliver the best quality and high-quality video streaming has come at a high cost, but not now, it’s now more affordable than ever thanks to advances in technology.

With the arrival of the lockdown, people have been forced to work remotely. This has seen a rise in live streaming through applications such as Zoom, Skype and FaceTime. However these have quality limitations to them and don’t offer multi camera support. We can now stream through YouTube, Facebook and a wide range of other services and basically give you your own TV show with multi-cameras, graphics and high-end audiovisual quality.

If you want to learn more or discuss your video streaming needs with us then get in touch.

You can also find out more about Wildwood Live at the website wildwoodlive.co.uk

As always our video production services are available in London, Kent and nationwide. Although our video production company is based in Maidstone we often are providing video production services in London.

So regardless of where you are get in touch!