How Much Does It Cost To Have a Video Made?

If you know anything about having a video made, you will know that costs can vary hugely. Prices can start from as low as a couple of hundred pounds and span into the thousands, depending on what you need doing and the type of video you created. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that video production costs are fixed and though some companies may offer a set video cost, we do things differently. At Wildwood Media, we provide businesses with individual and personal video production costs.

Corporate Video Production Costs

Before going ahead and investing in a corporate video or commercial video, you will want to know the cost. There is no ‘one size fits all’ option when it comes to video production, as every business is different and every business has slightly different requirements. This is why video production costs at Wildwood Media are always given on a bespoke basis. At Wildwood Media, we consider the type of video you want and the work involved in creating it. We then give a competitive quote based on your exact wants and needs, rather than giving set project rates.

Avoiding set rates is a much more transparent way of doing things and it works out to be more cost effective for you. For example, you might require something that costs less than what the set amount would be. Instead of being overcharged, we tailor our quote to you. Similarly, you may need a specialism or level of service that is not required in the cost. By working on a tailored and individual basis, we can ensure our service ticks every box.

Video Production in London and Kent

At Wildwood Media, we offer a wide range of video production services in London. We also extend ourselves as far as Kent and the South East, and businesses of all shapes and sizes can utilise our professional services. To find out more about our media production company or for an exact cost for your project, get in touch with the Wildwood Media team. The cost of having a video made varies depending on your requirements, but we can offer a bespoke quote.