What is Mindfulness?

There has been a lot of talk about mindfulness lately, but how much do you know about what it is and what it entails? Mindfulness is the quality of being fully present, engaged and aware of the moment. It focuses on avoiding distractions and living in the moment, whilst being aware of thoughts and feelings. The aim of mindfulness is not becoming overwhelmed and controlled by thoughts, but instead to be aware of them and able to face them.

The Benefit of Mindfulness

If you have heard of mindfulness, you may have heard of how beneficial it can be to us as individuals. There are people that use mindfulness as a way to decrease stress, as well as those who use it to better handful sadness and troublesome emotional states. There are also people that use mindfulness to help them concentrate and focus, so it’s certainly not a case of mindfulness only being helpful in one very specific way. Mindfulness can even be used to help take stock of happiness and successes, something that many of us quickly gloss over, focusing on the more positive aspects of life.

Make no mistake, mindfulness doesn’t eliminate stress and troubles completely. However, it does help you to become aware of negative thoughts and emotions. When you are faced with a problem, mindfulness can be a beneficial tool for overcoming it. Rather than feeling stressed and overwhelmed, mindfulness equips you to act and respond calmly.

Mindfulness is often confused with meditation, but there are definitely some key differences. Meditation is a temporary state of mind and relaxation, a state of mind that does not remain once a meditation session has come to an end. It’s a time to relax, destress and centre thoughts. It’s often practiced using meditation films and other resources, a tonne of which are available due to its popularity. In contrast, mindfulness focuses on living in a way that allows for presence in any moment or situation. It’s not temporary in the same way that meditation is, as the focus is on finding a more positive and useful way of dealing with whatever life brings.

We’ve created a couple of meditation films and are looking to create a third and final one soon. These meditation films are to help aid in mindfulness, relaxation, mediation or even just to help fall asleep to. Our first one is posted above, our most recent at the time of posting this is below.

We hope you enjoy.