Virtual House Tours: for Estate Agents and Online House Viewings

With the pandemic and social distancing measures in place, and likely to be in place for the foreseeable future, estate agents are having to find new ways to market properties. A lot of estate agents have started offering online house viewings and virtual tours, and with good reason. A virtual tour is the ideal way to showcase a property to potential buyers, without having to arrange an ‘in person’ viewing and without having to manage multiple people viewing a property on any one day.

How Virtual Home Tours Can Help Estate Agents and Boost Online House Viewings

  • Sway Potential Buyers Into Viewing a Property – With so many properties to choose from, potential buyers need to narrow down their options and decide which homes they would like to view in person. Virtual home tours can sway someone into viewing a property, as they already know the home has something that interests them. It’s a fantastic way to boost house viewings.
  • Showcase More Detail Than Photos Can – Though a lot of detail about a home can be shown with photographs, a virtual tour showcases a lot more. With a virtual view of a property, potential buyers can gain an understanding into what life in the home could be like. For example, seeing where the sun comes in and getting a clear idea of the layout.
  • Help a Home to Stand Out – There are a lot of properties out there, so ensuring a home stands out is vital. With many properties being listed online with photographs alone, a virtual house tour is likely to be a marketing tool that gets a home noticed. If there are two properties to choose from, potential buyers are likely to click on the one that offers a virtual viewing.

At Wildwood Media, we understand that estate agents are having to find innovative ways to showcase properties to potential buyers. This is why we offer a wide range of video production services, including virtual home tours and virtual viewings. There has been an increased interest in virtual property tours in recent months, and many estate agents are already using virtual house tours as a marketing tool. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Wildwood Media to find out more about corporate video production and our media production company.