How to Create Stunning Virtual Reality Tours for your Business

You may have noticed that more and more companies are using virtual reality tours to show off what their business has to offer. Though virtual reality tours are a relatively new marketing tool, they are already hugely popular and with good reason. It’s a fantastic way to stand out from competitors, whilst showcasing what the business has to offer.

Group of businesswomen and businessmen working in modern office. Interior of busy coworking open space with staff walking and working together. Group of creative men and casual women working in creative agency.

Top Tips For Creating a Great Virtual Reality Tour

  • Plan, Plan and Plan Some More – There is a lot to consider with a virtual reality tour, which is why planning is key. Planning ensures everything that needs to be included in the tour will be included and that nothing is forgotten. It’s also a good way to decide on a tone, style and vibe. A virtual reality tour needs to reflect the business, whether that be corporate or a little more relaxed. It’s not simply enough to start filming and hope for the best, thorough planning is vital.
  • Highlight Key Aspects of the Business – Regardless of the type of business you have and the industry you work in, there is sure to be a lot of the business that you want to showcase. You may want to show off brand new business premises or you may want to impress people with the equipment you have. It’s important to provide an accurate and detailed tour, a tour that gives viewers the information they need. However, be mindful not to include too much as this could take focus away from the things that make your business unique.
  • Enlist a Team of Professionals – It’s important to provide customers and clients, both potential and existing, with a flawless virtual reality tour. This can be difficult if you attempt to tackle the virtual tour yourself, which is why the majority of businesses opt to enlist a team of professionals. Rather than running the risk of being left with a subpar virtual reality tour, you can relax knowing that your business is being portrayed in a professional and high quality way.

At Wildwood Media, we have the skills and experience needed to create high quality virtual tours for any business. As a video production company in London, we work with a range of businesses to create professional virtual tours and corporate video production. To find out more about our media production company and our services, get in touch.