Attract Top Talent Using Recruitment Videos

The job market is more competitive than ever before, with candidates being in the driving seat for many jobs. It’s therefore critical that you aim to attract the top tier of applicants to your organisation.

Any recruitment strategy worth its sale must include effective marketing tactics to broadcast your message and raise brand awareness among prospective candidates, whether your organisation is, large or small.

Why are videos good for recruitment marketing?

It’s no secret that video content is becoming a huge factor in online search results, with Google favouring informative videos in rankings. A Wyzowl survey last year found that 78% of marketing professionals who used video content said it improved sales. When it comes to attracting the highest calibre of job applicants, an inspiring film can have a lasting impact and communicate positively why a potential recruit should want to work for you.

Do marketing videos work for recruitment campaigns?

Recent research suggests that video has become one of the most powerful recruitment strategy tools.

As 82% of job candidates are now searching for jobs using mobile devices. Video is a great way of attracting attention due to it being more visually stimulating. Research also suggests that job listings that include a recruitment video attract 34% more applications than those without.

And recruitment agencies have reported that job ads with an embedded video have an 800% higher engagement rate than those without.

Choose your messages for effective video recruitment

Video is a very effective way of getting your recruitment messages across clearly and in an entertaining way. You can tell your future workforce exactly why they should work for you, set out expectations, talk about continuous personal and professional development opportunities, show off your premises with a virtual tour and give them a real idea of what life at your organisation is like.

You can use the power of story to engage your audience faster – like in this recruitment video for the Diagrama Foundation, where we took a more imaginative approach where the service users – adults with learning disabilities – took on the role of explaining who they wanted to support them.[JF1]

How to get the most from your recruitment video

Before you get started, here are a few pointers to help you create a video that will attract the right applicants.

Keep it short

Between 1-3 minutes is ideal. Viewers typically have a short attention span so grab them immediately and get your message across quickly

Be imaginative

Recruitment videos don’t always have to be ‘traditional.’
Consider a virtual tour of your offices or a quick-fire Q&A interview with selected team members. Include atmospheric lighting and music or even animation, to make your content memorable.

Use a voiceover 

Hiring a professional voiceover artist is a great way to elaborate on any important details (like your call to action). This will add a professional touch and a sense of authority to your video while giving you the option to reiterate a clear call to action.

Add a call to action (CTA) 

Applicants must know the next steps to take so make sure your CTA can be seen throughout the video. Also, ensure your CTA is a prominent feature at the end of your video. This can even be read aloud by a voiceover or by a member of your team – this is a great way to be accessible too, including audiences who might not be able to view the video. Subtitles may also be useful for people watching on a mobile device or those who are hard of hearing.

At Wildwood Media, we’ve had nearly a decade of experience in producing recruitment videos. We are a leading London-based promotional filming company. We work alongside your business to help you create an outstanding recruitment video that showcases the excellent reasons why the best people should want to work with you. Start your video project today with a free chat with our specialist team here at Wildwood. We can show you how to bring your recruitment video to life and attract the best people to your team – we’re here to help!