Aerial Filming with Wildwood Media

Aerial filming is a hot topic at the moment. On one side it offers excellent aerial shots that were once only available to big budget productions that could afford helicopters on the other it’s getting a lot of negative press!

The positive side outweighs the negative; paramount is that it allows more creative shots and the ability to film in areas not reachable by land.

The downside is that, if not used properly, drones can be dangerous. There have been many laws and guidelines introduced in the last couple of years as drone technology and its use has increased.

We offer our clients only the positive side of aerial filming.

At Wildwood Media we take drone filming and photography very seriously. Not only are we aware of all the current rules and regulations but we use a fully CAA licensed pilot. On top of that we check every location before we film and if there are any nearby locations that need to know of our presence, such as an airport, we get in touch and establish how we can work in that area. I’m sad to say that not every company carries out drone flying with such attention to detail.

We’re able to offer such an excellent service thanks to our partnership with Aerial Pro Media (APM). Through APM and Wildwood Media we can provide a full video service at affordable rates, but we can also break this down to individual needs, for example we often use the drones for surveys or progress reports for the construction industry.

What also stands us apart from many other aerial filming companies is that we use the aforementioned pilot but we also use a dedicated camera op. This means the pilot only has to worry himself with flying, while the camera op only has to worry about the shots. This allows for a lot more creativity, freedom and quality of shots and, once again, it’s a lot safer.

We’re passionate about all video production and the services we offer are always of the highest quality. While we take video seriously, we also make sure the projects are fun and enjoyable for all involved. We believe that mix shows on screen.

While we’re based in Kent we offer our filming nationwide.

If you would like to talk to us about any filming requirements including drone technology then do not hesitate to contact us.