5 Mistakes to Avoid When Getting a Corporate Video Produced

Videos are great and can be highly effective, but like everything you have to make sure you’re getting a quality product you’re proud to show off.

If you’re reading this blog you’ve probably searched for some kind of video production service, most likely for your business. What you’ve found is lots of video production companies with great looking videos. How do you pick? Who is actually able to offer you the service you want and who just knows how to make pretty pictures?

At Wildwood Media we’re more than happy to offer advice on videos, whether you move forward with the video or not. However, if you just want a check list of the five key things to look out for when talking with a production company or looking into it are the below. There’s, of course, more to be aware of and many more factors that go into making a great film, but with the below you’ll have a good grounding.

  1. Poor video and audio – A video is representing your business. To have it with poor vision says a lot about the company it represents. Good quality cameras can be easy to come by but not high-quality sound – which is often ignored. Sound makes a film. How many TV shows or films do you watch with bad sound? None. But try imagining watching anything with hard to hear sound or lots of distracting noise and it becomes clear how it can ruin a film.
  2. A production company not understanding your requirements – just having a video isn’t enough. It’s something we push a lot at Wildwood Media but it’s true. Your video, like any project, marketing or otherwise, must have aims and objectives. Make sure the video company understands these.
  3. Talk Talk – Don’t just have lots of talking. Too much information is overload. Substance is more important than style but the aesthetic side of things is still very important. Make sure the video delivers your message with images as well words.
  4. Not using your video correctly. You can just have your video for internal use or put it on your website and nothing else – and that’s fine. But if you want your video to really sell your company then you need to push it out on social media – and know the best ways to do that.
  5. Don’t make the video too long – often we’re asked to make a video that isn’t too long ’10-15 minutes we were thinking’. Generally – that’s still way to long. The length of the video depends on it’s purpose (among other factors) but generally a modern Internet promo should be as short as possible – but with enough time to sell the product/service/company. 90seconds is a good ballpark but in the last year we’ve made videos from between 15 seconds and 12 minutes! It’s all about planning right and finding the correct length to tell the story of what you’re promoting.

If you want to talk about video production, even if it’s just to discuss early ideas or you’re looking for some advice on a video marketing/production strategy, then get in touch with us.

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For a fun effect that would make the video memorable and stand out we made the beginning of the below promotional film purposely awful! But imagine watching a video all of this quality! I know you wouldn’t want to make a video this bad, but even with the best intentions videos can easily come out poor. Make sure you get the right video expert for your needs.