Wildwood release free video tips e-book for charities

Running a charity is tough. You need to raise awareness but your resources are super tight. We get it. That’s why Wildwood Media offers discounted rates for charities – to make sure you get to share your message without crippling your budget. Your valuable work deserves to be seen. However, even with great rates you may not be able to get the regular video content that you require and so the best way to do this is to produce it yourselves.

We like to think that at Wildwood Media we can help give you those prestige pieces, the videos that cover or deal with key moments or elements of your charity. Our book is designed to help you with the rest of your video content. Video production is essential to all businesses and charities in this online world. YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google (who owns YT!) and so it’s important to have a presence on there. Social media is obviously a fantastic way to connect with your audience but having video can increase interactions and click-throughs.

But how do you stand out when everyone is producing video content? Of course you can use a video production company, such as Wildwood Media, to help but as we’re looking at ways to produce video content without the use of a full video production team. So that means getting the highest quality from the equipment you have. However, never forget this point: It really doesn’t matter what equipment you have or how you film it: it’s the subject and how you bring it across that matters most. By their very nature charities have lots of great stories and characters. Find these to tell your story.

However, you then want to find a way to deliver these at a quality that people will want to continue watching, come back for more and engage with you. This is where our free e-book comes in.

We love producing charity films but it’s essential to us that you get the content you want, so feel free to download our book and start producing that great video content for your charity!

Head to wildwoodmedia.co.uk/charity-film-services to download the e-book now!

Wildwood Media are a video production company based in Maidstone, Kent who also produce videos in London and nationwide. We cover all areas of video production from promotional films to aerial filming and live, multi-cam, streaming. If you have a video you’d like to discuss with us then get in touch. If you’re a charity who downloads our e-book then we’d love to hear from you about how it’s helped you video production techniques!


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