Why Video is a Great Alternative to Open Days for Schools During the Pandemic

As a video production company, we are only too aware of how beneficial a video can be during the pandemic. Don’t make the mistake of assuming it’s only businesses and retailers that can utilise a professional video, as there are a tonne of advantages for schools too. Instead of attempting to organise an open day during the pandemic, many schools are showcasing what they have to offer via video.

The Benefit of Showcasing a School Video Over an Open Day

  • There’s No Need to Worry About Social Distancing – With COVID-19 restrictions and measures still in place, social distancing is vital. This can be difficult to organise at an open day, as there are sure to be a number of visitors and a limited amount of space. Rather than worrying about how to handle social distancing, you can choose to show the school via video. With a video, social distancing isn’t something that needs to be factored in and worried about.
  • Unlimited Amount of Parents and Students Can Attend – Even before the pandemic and social distancing measures, only a limited number of parents and potential students could attend an open day. With a video, there are none of the same limitations. A video can be viewed by everyone who is interested in the school, which leads to the school potentially being seen by more people than usual.
  • Safe and Secure for Teachers and Guests – As a school, it’s important to keep staff and visitors safe at all times. With an open day, you will need to factor in the difficulties that come with ensuring the school is safe from any risks. For example, providing adequate hand sanitizer and insisting on masks being worn. By swapping to a video instead of an open day, this isn’t something you need to worry about.

At Wildwood Media, we understand the importance of showcasing a school to interested parents and potential students. Whether it’s a primary school or a secondary school, highlighting the key values and school offerings is vital. Hosting an open day is a lot more difficult because of the pandemic, but showing a video can be just as effective. To find out more about video production in Kent or to speak to our media production company, get in touch with the Wildwood Media team.