Animation is a great, remote process, to get your message out

If you haven’t yet thought about using animation and whiteboard videos as part of your digital marketing strategy, it’s time to change things up. In the current climate of remote working and social distancing animation is a fantastic way to create engaging video content without face to face contact. Getting your message out there is more important than ever, and animation offers a great way to do that safely.

Animation and whiteboard videos are hugely versatile as they can be added to blogs, used on a website, YouTube or posted on social media. They are ideal whether you are advertising a product, service or the business as a whole. You can even use animation and whiteboard videos to explain and inform an audience. There’s a lot of written content online, but videos stand out and make a statement.

The Benefits of Animation and Whiteboard Videos
If you have spent any amount of time looking at other businesses online, you will notice that many have enlisted a video production company to create unique animation and whiteboard videos. This is because there are a number of fantastic benefits that come with having whiteboard animation videos, regardless of what the business does and the target market.

● Videos Are Entertaining and Engaging – There’s a lot of written content online, which means that blogs and articles tend to get lost amongst those of competitors. With animation and whiteboard video, this is less of a problem. It’s very easy for a professional video to stand out online, which means that many people will notice and share the video. Not only does this mean that a large number of people are likely to see animation and whiteboard videos, but they are also likely to remember them.

● Animation and Whiteboard Videos Look Professional – A lot of businesses forget that it’s equally important to appear professional when you are targeting potential customers remotely. Regardless of the distance between you and a customer, professionalism is key. Animation and whiteboard videos are a lot more professional looking than basic slideshows.

● Information is Clear, Concise and Simple – It doesn’t matter whether you are explaining a solution or marketing a product, animation and whiteboard videos are always a good option. They allow you to explain things in a simple and straightforward way, but without boring the audience. There’s no need to worry about the viewers being confused, as animation and whiteboard videos keep things simple.

We’re currently offering animation at a fantastic rate to help businesses through this tough time. In additional to animation and whiteboard videos we’re also offering archive/user/stock footage edit films and live video streaming services. Either of these can really help deliver and maintain engaging video content and with services such as the above, especially live video streaming or stock footage editing, then urgent information can be delivered direct to the user live or in quick turnaround.

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