London Filming Locations For Your Videography Projects

London is undeniably a highly photogenic city and videographers and directors everywhere have chosen London to be the background of their projects.

Although a lot of locations have been used and reused by filmmakers over the years, London is an endless mine of beautiful spaces and locations to film gorgeous videos, no matter what your project is. Around every corner is a new treasure for you and your videographer in London, and choosing a beautiful location may be the way you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Here are some beautiful filming locations in London that may be right next to you:

1. Kynance Mews (SW7)

Mews are streets in which stables have been converted to houses or flats. They are particularly prevalent in the city of London, and you can probably find some very close to you. A stone’s throw away from Gloucester Road station, get lost in the little streets until you find this adorably charming mew, filled with wisteria, clean façades and the feeling of having left London for a small town in Provence. The calming and dreamy atmosphere can make this location a perfect background for your video.

2. Platt’s Lane and West Heath Road (NW3)

Very close to the beautiful Hampstead Heath Park, you will find a house that may be familiar to you. If you were a fan of The 101 Dalmatians (1996), you will recognise Cruella DeVil’s mansion, in all of its glory. Although you can’t film inside of the manor, the streets around it are sure to blow you away. With greenery, large houses and large, airy, spaces, you are sure to find somewhere to film your video.

3. Hampstead Heath (NW3)

If we start talking about large airy streets around Hampstead Heath, we have to talk about this incredible park. Whether you are looking for cosy and intimate trails in the woods, grand open plains or some of the most beautiful views of London, Hampstead Heath is a perfect choice. For a bit of history, you can also find a prehistoric Bronze Age barrow, Boadicea’s Grave, in the park.

4. Richmond Park (TW10)

Another park with some interesting features which could be a great background for your video is Richmond Park. The abundance of wildlife, especially deer, gives this destination a feeling of being deep in the countryside or a forest, whilst being right inside of London. This park and its variety of spaces, from ponds with boats to grand architecture, can bring real character to your videos, and make them stand out in the best ways.

Need some help?

When filming outdoors and in public places, there may be a lot of variables that impact the quality of your film and the shooting process, and hiring a professional team to help you is the right decision.

At Wildwood Media, we understand how overwhelming it could be to shoot on location, and we are here to help build your project with you so that your message can be heard loud and clear, and understood by all of your viewers.

As videographers in London, we know the city and its locations and we can support you and your business. If you need help for your next video project, schedule a free 30-minute call here to discuss your idea with our team so you can get the film you deserve.