How Small Businesses are Marketing with Video in 2020

There is no denying that video can be used in a number of impressive ways, especially when it comes to marketing as a business. Don’t make the mistake of assuming video marketing is only about advertising a product or service, as this isn’t the case at all. Many small businesses are marketing with video in unique and interesting ways.

Small Business Video Marketing Ideas


  • Announcing Something Important – As a small business, you are sure to have some key moments that you want to shout about. This could be the release of a new product, a collaboration with another business or a competition. With video marketing, you can create a lot of interest surrounding the announcement and provide a tonne of details.
  • ‘How To’ Guides – It’s helpful to provide customers with information about how to use a product or service, but you don’t have to do this using written content. With a video, you can show customers how to use a product or service and highlight its selling points. A demonstration is likely to garner a lot more interest than a simple written guide, especially if there is a lot of information to convey.
  • Q&A Sessions – Regardless of the services or products you offer, customers are bound to have a question or two. By hosting a video question and answer session, you have the opportunity to engage potential customers and transform them into paying customers. After all, someone is much more likely to spend their money if they fully understand everything about what they are buying.
  • Live Event Streaming – By using video to live stream an event, you can broadcast the event to a much wider and varied audience. Not only does this allow you to provide information and education to an interested audience, but it provides a unique insight into the business as a whole.

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