Corporate Live Streaming – How to Use Video for Trainings, Meetings & Virtual Conferences

As a business, there are a number of ways to utilise corporate live streaming services. For example, you can stream training sessions and meetings. Plus, live streaming ensures conferences can be broadcast to as many people are possible. When you consider the multiple ways to use corporate live streaming, it’s easy to see why it’s something many businesses are turning to.

How You Can Use Corporate Live Streaming as a Business


  • Remote Training Sessions – Regardless of the business type or industry, you are likely to have a training session or two throughout the year. However, ‘in person’ training sessions can be difficult to organise. Not only do you need to ensure everyone who needs to attend can get there, but you are limited by space. When you live stream, you can offer the training session to as many people as you need to regardless of location.


  • Broadcast Conference to a Wider and Larger Audience – If you are putting time and energy into hosting a conference, you will want as many attendees as possible. However, this can be difficult when you are somewhat limited by physical space. With corporate live streaming, you can broadcast a conference to a wider and larger audience.
  • Meeting Attendance Made Easier – It can be difficult to arrange a meeting that everyone can attend, especially if it involves some people travelling a fair distance. However, by live streaming a meeting, attendance is made a lot easier. There is no time wasted travelling from A to B, and people from anywhere can join in. If you work with people internationally, you can include them in business meetings also.

At Wildwood Media, we are firm believers in the importance of corporate live streaming. As a corporate video company, we understand the benefits that corporate video production can have. Not only does it allow you to broadcast meetings and conferences to a wider audience, but it means that training sessions can be done remotely. To find out more about corporate video in London, get in touch with the helpful Wildwood Media team.