How Do I Live Stream?

Live streaming involves broadcasting a live video to an audience online and it’s something that many large businesses already do, as well as individual influencers and big brands. All you need to live stream is an internet connection, a device that allows streaming – such as a smartphone, tablet or computer – and a video streaming platform to broadcast on. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitch are all popular. As live streaming is very accessible, t’s something that a lot of small businesses and startups are now getting involved in.

Where Can I Live Stream?

There’s no shortage of platforms that offer live streaming, it’s simply a case of finding the platform that works for you. A lot of people opt to live stream on YouTube, mainly due to the fact that it’s relatively straightforward and has the ability to reach a wide, varied and engaged audience. When a lot of people think of watching videos online, they immediately think of YouTube. It has become a hub for video creation and live streaming, with even the biggest news outlets choosing to live stream on YouTube.

However, those with a smaller online following often prefer to live stream via social media. If you are a business that has a fair few social media followers, on Facebook for example, this is a good place to start. Not only will existing followers be notified when you start live video streaming, but those who don’t always follow can tune in. Live streaming video via Facebook is a good way to show followers that you are active, present and it puts a face to the page. Rather than seeing a standard page with written updates, followers can put trust into an individual. Instagram is also becoming a popular platform for live streaming, as anyone with an account can broadcast to their followers with ease.

There are of course many other platforms to use, all of which offer similar features. If you haven’t tried live streaming video before, you may want to enlist the help of streaming video services. Professional services are there to help with live streaming online events and virtual events. We offer live streaming services in London, so get in touch to find out more.