Why Your Company Should Use User-Generated Video

When it comes to corporate video, there are a lot of options. However, you will notice that a lot of businesses are choosing user-generated video. This is because user-generated video has a number of impressive benefits.

The Benefits of User-Generated Video

  • It Boasts a High Conversion Rate – User-generated content usually converts at a higher rate than other content, which is why user-generated videos are so beneficial. This is because people can relate to a video that’s been created by their peers, rather than a corporate brand. There are so many videos online, which is why it’s vital that yours is able to convert a target audience into paying customers.


  • User Generated Video is Reliable – There’s very little point in spending money on a video that people can’t rely on, but this isn’t an issue with user-generated video as it’s seen as being a very reliable type of content. There’s a tonne of fake news and fake profiles online, which is why user-generated video stands out as being a reliable source of information.


  • There’s a High Chance of Social Media Shares – When a person trusts and relates to a video, they are likely to share it with others. This could include sharing it on social media, or sharing it with family and friends. Not only does this broaden the outreach of the video, it helps to ensure the business is well known and recognisable.


  • It Looks Authentic and Relevant – With so much content online, it’s important that your video looks authentic and relevant to the target audience. Otherwise, it may fail to stand out from competitors and engage users. There’s a much higher chance of a user-generated video being relevant, which in turn makes the audience feel as though it’s authentic and trustworthy. Videos that aren’t user-generated can appear generic, standard and fake.

Though some businesses opt to take on the video production process themselves, it’s worthwhile to enlist the help of a video production company. At Wildwood Media, we offer video production in Kent and throughout the UK. Regardless of the product or industry, we can create high quality user-generated video.

The below is an NHS film produced by Wildwood Media during the COVID-19 pandemic. The thank-you film utilised user-generated footage but edited professionally by video production company Wildwood Media.