Why video will make all the difference to your CSR activities.

CSR can be a tricky subject for companies of all sizes to communicate.

Undoubtedly you want to be shouting about it, but you have to be careful not to brag or seem like your CSR motives are profit based. Yet on the other hand you have to show stakeholders the value of your CSR efforts. Then you have to work out the best way of getting your message across to your customers and the wider public – so what should you do?

For effective CSR communication there are 2 key elements:

  1. Clear motives as to why your company is using CSR. Your company should know why they are participating in CSR activities. Perhaps it is to give back to the local community, raise awareness of a particular subject, or help others who are disadvantaged. Whatever the reason, make sure that this is clearly understood by all employees.
  1. Good communication. No-one will know about your CSR efforts unless you tell them, and the most effective way to communicate this is through the power of film. Video is the most popular way of digesting information and the visual element is key – after all, a picture does speak a thousand words!

A good introduction video will allow you to accurately convey your company’s culture without the fear of bragging. Using storytelling, you can make your CSR initiatives easily digestible, so that they will peak curiosity and appeal to all rages of people. Coupled with the ease of using video on social media, you will be able to easily spread your CSR messages far and wide online.

Engaging and enticing, a good video will help you raise awareness, show your professionalism and stand out from the crowd.

Wildwood Media recently received an award at CSR2025 for our support and work towards raising CSR awareness and engagement. This just goes to show the importance of video in highlighting any organisation’s CSR efforts and activities – something that we deliver every day at Wildwood Media.

So if you would like help to shout about your CSR activities, or to find out more information, please get in touch with us today.