5 Reasons Having a Video Blog is Essential for Your Business

With the launch of our new professional video blog (vlog) filming service we look into five key reasons having a blog can help your company, product or brand.

If you are struggling to convey important business information to customers and clients, you may want to consider having a professional vlog. Video production is a fantastic way to spread the word about what your business is offering. This is why video blogs are so popular. However, do you know the other reasons as to why your business should have a video blog?

Why Should You Have a Vlog?

  • It Creates a Personal Relationship – If you’re looking to create a relationship with your customer base, a vlog is ideal. Whether you’re in the video yourself or it’s simply branded with business information, it’s a good way to create a connection between you and others.
  • It’s a Great Way to Provide Information – From the moment someone starts to watch a video blog, they are paying attention. This means that they are likely to watch it from beginning to end, taking in all of the information. When reading a blog, people tend to skim the page and skip the things that they need to know.
  • It’s Engaging to Customers – Video blogs definitely stand out from other types of online content. It doesn’t matter whether a vlog is marketing a specific product or advertising an entire business, people will take notice. Regular blogs tend to get lost among all other web pages, but vlogs have a way of standing out. This helps them to be seen by existing customers, as well as potential customers.
  • It’s Ideal for Sharing Online – As video blogs are often a lot more enticing and engaging, there’s a higher chance of them being shared online. It’s not uncommon for someone to see a business video, enjoy it and then share it with their friends.
  • It’s Great for Social Media – Though some written blogs and web pages are shared on social media, vlogs work much better for this. Vlogs work well on Facebook and Twitter, as a lot of users scroll through looking for videos to watch.

At Wildwood Media, we understand that having a video blog doesn’t come easy for every business. If you don’t have any experience with creating video content and professional video production, having a video blog can be difficult. Luckily, we’re on hand to help. To find out more about video production and vlogging, contact Wildwood Media.

Wildwood Media’s new high-quality vlog filming service starts at £399 for a months worth of video blogs. We offer various options and bespoke vlog filming services. We’re always happy to advise on all aspects of filming including content and subject ideas.

We’ll be doing an official launch and announcement soon but if you can’t wait then please feel free to contact us on 01622 200567 or email me directly: chris@wildwoodmedia.co.uk