Project – KMPT NHS – A Bridge House Story

We were tasked by NHS KMPT to create an engaging, emotive yet respectful film about a member of staff at their detox unit Bridge House.

I’m so incredibly honoured that they trusted in us and our vision for the film as it’s a piece of work that all involved in are incredibly proud of.

We shot the film on the Arri Alexa and high end Cooke Prime lenses – this all aided in giving the film that sought after cinematic look. Indeed this camera setup is common on many of the films and high-end TV we watch.

But equipment is only as good as those in control of it and our team was incredible. We used the highly experienced Director of Photography Keidrych Wasley. Sound was by the amazing and dedicated Tamas Jeszenszky. We had a team of dedicated grips and camera assistants to help them out and to round it all off, the person who had the vision, who was there from the start and kept it all on track was our outstanding director, Stefan Georgiou. Stefan has directed some incredible work for us and we’re honoured that he continues to direct outstanding content for our client projects.

The film was produced by Christopher Newberry of Wildwood Media and is available to view below.

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