How Video Can Help Property Developers To Sell Houses

Over the last few months, moving house has been put on hold for many people. With COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown measures in place, property developers have been unable to show potential buyers around their showhomes. Anyone wanting to move house has had to wait and anyone wanting to sell a house has had to wait. Luckily, property development is beginning to start back up again. However, that is not to say that lockdown hasn’t changed a few things for developers.

Here’s How Video Can Help Property Developers Post Lockdown

As a property developer, you are no longer able to have lots of people looking around a showhome. Though lockdown measures are slowly being eased, a lot of COVID-19 restrictions will be in place for the foreseeable future. This means that you need to find innovative ways to showcase, market and sell homes.

Though a 360 degree photo does provide potential buyers with a good idea of what the property has to offer, there is a lot that a photograph fails to capture. A lot more information can be given with a video, which could be all it takes to sway a potential buyer towards being interested in the property. A video could detail a lot about the local area, such as schools and transport links, in a way that engages the audience. Rather than seeing basic information written down, potential buyers can learn about the area in a way they will remember. It’s even possible for a video to showcase where the sun shines into the house at a certain time of day or how quiet the surrounding area is. These are all things that buyers want to know, but things that are not conveyed via a static

There has certainly been a surge of interest in buying brand new homes lately, as everyone who has had to wait during lockdown now has the freedom to move. Therefore, ensuring your development stands out is vital. As video is more engaging and tends to get a better response than a 360 degree photo, it is the ideal way to guarantee a property makes a statement.

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