Checking In

By Wildwood | August 31, 2016

When I started this blog it was with the hope to keep everyone up-to-date with the happenings at Wildwood Media. I wanted it to be my chance, as Managing Director…

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Aerial Filming with Wildwood Media

By Wildwood | July 22, 2016

Aerial filming is a hot topic at the moment. On one side it offers excellent aerial shots that were once only available to big budget productions that could afford helicopters…

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Why do we hate seeing ourselves on screen?

By Wildwood | July 5, 2016

  My history with the camera and film production is long. I’ve been making films since I was, well, too young to really remember, but it’s been a long, long…

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The Importance of Building Long Lasting Relationships with Clients

By Wildwood | June 27, 2016

As the owner of Wildwood Media I’m looking to build relationships with suppliers in both the Business to Business (B2B) side and also the Business to Consumer (B2C) side based…

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So… here we go…

By Wildwood | June 8, 2016

Hi and welcome to the first Wildwood Media blog post! I’ve been meaning to do a blog for sometime now but I’m glad to say things have been too busy.…

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