4 Best Video Meeting Sites To Use Right Now

There has never been more people working from home, which means there has never been a bigger need for video meeting sites. With so many to choose from, it’s difficult to know which is best.

  • Skype – When it comes to video calls, a lot of people immediately think of Skype. This is because Skype has solidified itself as one of the top ways to host a video meeting. However, that’s not to say it’s the best of the best. Skype works well for small meetings as it’s easy to set up and easy to use, though it does lack some of the corporate features other video meeting sites boast.


  • Zoom – There is no denying that Zoom is one of the most popular video meeting websites out there, something that has been boosted by the increased number of people working from home due to COVID-19. A lot of people have started using Zoom as a way to socialise with friends but first and foremost, it’s for businesses. Zoom has multiple plans to choose from, starting with a basic free plan, and this means you can set it up based on your business size and requirements.


  • Google Hangouts – Google Hangouts’ popularity is largely with individual users and small businesses, as it often lacks key enterprise features for larger businesses. It’s affordable and has a subscription service, which is ideal for small businesses with a limited budget. Larger businesses and enterprises tend to prefer the upgraded version, Google Meet.
  • Slack – A lot of businesses use Slack as an organisational tool, but many forget that it also has video meeting features. Though it’s probably not worth setting Slack up for video meetings alone, it’s a convenient video conference platform if you are already using it. Slack offers one on one video chat, as well as options for larger meetings with more participants.

There are a lot of video meeting sites to choose from, but the four listed above are often considered to be the best. With more and more people working from home, video meetings are becoming commonplace for many businesses and industries.

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