We offer top level and highly effective media training.

In partnership with television and news reporter Iain McBride we are pleased to offer top level and highly effective media training for Kent and London.

If you or your organisation have contact with local or national media training will help handle difficult situations, and show how best to present a positive image – even in a negative situation. The worst approach is “no comment”. This gives journalists limitless scope to say what they like about you and your business. The next worst is someone who looks or sounds uncomfortable, even in a potentially winning situation.

Sending out a press release can be the first step to positive promotion, but it will be entirely wasted unless you have someone who can deliver when a journalist interviews them.

Training can include preparing for live and pre recorded television and radio interviews, together with preparation for doorstep interviews, press conferences, product launches, crisis management and image enhancement.

Why Media Training?

According to a survey of 200 senior UK managers and directors what they feared above anything else was being interviewed on television, with 80% saying this was worse than public speaking, preparing business plans or analysing financial date.

With our combined wealth of knowledge Iain McBride and Wildwood Media can not only help ease those fears but can give you the confidence and tools to be ready for any situation with the media, from a basic press release through to dealing with the various forms of media in a large scale situation.

About Iain McBride

Iain McBride has worked in newspapers, radio and television for more than thirty years and has delivered training to a range of clients in the private and public sector across Great Britain. He has worked for ITV, ITN, SKY News, Arise News and BBC Radio. He was Head of Media for Kent Police and has also worked as a communications adviser for a number of local authorities.


“Of all the media training I have undertaken, this has to be the best. Well done for a brilliant training session – if I ever have the opportunity to do it again, without a doubt, I would be at the front of the queue.” Councillor Julie Rook, Kent County Council

“…. an excellent training programme for a diverse range of NHS staff – both clinical and non-clinical. Everyone really enjoyed the day and now feel more confident when working with the media.”  Laura Warren, communications manager, Dartford, Gravesham & Swanley Primary Care Trust 

“…………….. all the feedback from the staff has been very positive. They all found it valuable to their work and it has given them the confidence to face the media which most lacked prior to the training, plus the journalists like the fact that they have been media trained.” Roz Glick, Kent Business Link

” Handy practical advice from a real practitioner”

” Very good outside speaker”

” It was well presented and inspired confidence in media matters”

” An excellent afternoon – very informative, using an experienced reporter – v.v. good”

” An extremely worthwhile session from which I gleaned a lot of information”

” A very useful input. Having had a ‘pointed’ experience or two with the press this has put me slightly more at ease” Officers’ comments after media training day for Kent Police

FAQ: We run the day at your premises but we can run it off site if you wish.

So get in contact now to discuss your media training needs!

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