The 3 Key Benefits of Video for Property Developers

The 3 Key Benefits of Video for Property Developers

As a property developer, it’s very important to be able to advertise and market a property. Otherwise, sales are unlikely. There have been a lot of changes to property development in recent months due to COVID-19 but things are now on the up. However, property developers are having to rely on video now more than ever.

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Top 3 Benefits of Using Video as a Property Developer


  1. Potential Buyers Get a Great Idea of the Property Before Seeing It – You can show a lot about a house from photographs, but there is always something missing. It’s very hard to give an idea of room size, layout and natural light from a photograph. With a video, it’s a lot easier for property developers to give an accurate tour around a home.


  1. Video Helps With Social Distancing, Whilst Still Boosting Sales – With COVID-19 and the social distancing measures that have been put in place, showing a lot of people around a showhome is no longer an option. As a lot of people will not think about buying a property without seeing it first this can become a problem. Luckily, video production is here to help. Thanks to video, you can show people around a house in a detailed and accurate way, without worrying about social distancing being compromised. It’s a great way to garner interest and boost sales, and ensures only those serious about making an offer will ask for a viewing.


  1. It Helps to Give Details on the Local Area – Though written content and photographs do give potential buyers a good insight into the local area, it’s hard to beat video. With a video, you can show where the sun shines outside the home and provide an idea of how quiet the surrounding roads are. You can also use video to provide information about schools, shops, transport links and local parks.


As a property developer, it is important to showcase professional and high quality videos. This is why many property developers enlist the help of a corporate video company, such as Wildwood Media. As a video production company in London, we are able to create impressive videos that are ideal for selling properties. To find out more about our media production company, get in touch.


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