How Businesses are Using Corporate Video Streaming to Grow & Adapt in 2020

How Businesses are Using Corporate Video Streaming to Grow & Adapt in 2020

In recent years, corporate video streaming has become a lot more popular. Businesses are now realising that connecting with others via video can be hugely beneficial, but only if it’s done correctly. Here are three ways businesses are using video streaming to grow and adapt in 2020.

3 Ways to Use Corporate Video Streaming in 2020


  • Video Stream Corporate Events – There’s a number of benefits that come from hosting a corporate event, such as demonstrating leadership within the industry and attracting new customers. With corporate video streaming, a larger number of people are able to tune in and view the event. This means your business, product and information will be shared with more people. Anyone who is unable to attend, whether that be due to other plans or distance, can still check out what the event is offering.


  • Video Stream Training Sessions – It’s not always easy to train new employees, especially if you have multiple business locations and use remote workers. By using corporate video streaming it’s possible to train a number of team members, in a number of locations. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming corporate video streaming lacks a personal touch, but this isn’t the case if you make use of a professional corporate video company.


  • Video Stream Advertisements, Market Products and Services – For many years, the focal part of advertising and marketing has been content. Everyone has heard that ‘content is king’ and though this is true to some extent, video streams also work very well. Corporate video streaming allows you to connect with an audience, showcase products and answer questions.

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