Animation: The Great Social Distancing Project

Animation: The Great Social Distancing Project

You won’t find yourself short of options when it comes to marketing and advertising as a business, but not everything is easy now that social distancing is in place. With more people working from home, it is time to find strategies that can be done remotely. This is where video animation comes in.

Filmmaking behind the scenes. Motion picture backstage studio area with director’s chair, camera or camcorder on wheels, the lighting projector spotlight and clapperboard. Pink background.

The Benefits of Animation for Business


  • Video Animation Can Be Done Remotely – There are a lot of different ways to use video production as a business, including marketing a service or advertising a product, and there are different video styles. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming all types of video production require you to be there in person, but this is not the case at all. Unlike live action video, animation can be done remotely. Regardless of the type of animated video being created, everything can be organised and executed on a remote basis. This is extremely helpful now that many businesses are finding their marketing efforts somewhat limited due to COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions.


  • Video Animation is Creative and Fun – When it comes to video animation, there are endless creative possibilities, which means a video can be as fun and imaginative as you like. This is not quite as easy to do with written content and images, as there are limitations. Regardless of how creative or innovative your idea is, an animated video is always possible.


  • Video Animation is Engaging – There’s a lot of content online, which means standing out and making a statement is key. Though written content is highly informative, it doesn’t grab an audience’s attention quite like video animation. Video animation is engaging, memorable and it effectively conveys a message.


Though there are a number of benefits that come with an animated video, it’s hard to deny the importance of it being a completely remote project. At Wildwood Media, we offer a wide range of animation for business services. As a media production company, we are able to take on any corporate or commercial animation project. To find out more about how animation can benefit you and your business, get in touch with our video production company in London.


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