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Whether or not you have used a charity promotional video before, you are sure to know that a professional video is one of the most popular ways for a charity to promote a cause or an event. This, along with the range of impressive benefits, is why all charities should consider having one made.

Why All Charities Should Have a Charity Promotional Video Wildwood Media

The Benefits of Having Charity Promotional Videos

  • They Raise Awareness – Charity promotional videos are a great way to raise awareness, something that is hugely important to a charity. Instead of struggling to improve visibility of the charity and its causes, you can let a charity promotional video do a lot of the hard work. Simply posting a charity promotional video online is often enough to make a significant difference.


  • They Show Professionalism – There are a lot of different ways for a charity to promote their causes and events, but very few are as professional as a charity promotional video. Taking the time to have a high quality promotional video made shows that a great deal of care and attention has gone into raising awareness. This reflects well on the charity as a whole.


  • They’re Engaging and Enticing – It can be difficult for a charity to promote themselves successfully, especially as there are so many other worthy causes out there. This is why it’s vital for a charity to stand out from the rest. One of the best ways to do this is with a charity promotional video. A charity promotional video is one of the most engaging and enticing forms of digital media.

Kent Video Production for Charity Videos

If you’re interesting in having a promotional video created for a charity, you have come to the right place. At Wildwood Media, we specialise in charity video production in Kent. As well as offering a wide range of Kent video production services, we also work closely with a number of charities to ensure that their video needs are taken care of. Whether you want to the raise awareness of an upcoming event or you simply want to promote the charity itself, we can help. To find out more about charity video production, get in touch. Contact the Wildwood Media team today.



When it comes to charity video production, it’s important to choose a team of charity videographers who really know what they’re doing. A charity promotional video can make a huge difference to an organisation, both raising awareness of a cause and helping with fundraising. However, it isn’t simply a case of choosing the first charity videographer that you find and hoping for the best. Instead, you should always try to seek out those who really know what they’re doing.


Are You Looking for Charity Video Production in Kent? Wildwood Media

The Importance of Professional Charity Video Production

Though there are a number of charity videographers to choose form in Kent, you’re going to want to seek out a team of professionals. Not only does this ensure that your video will be produced to an extremely high standard, but it also means that you’ll receive a bespoke service. As every charity is different, it’s vital that your video is tailored to your target audience. It doesn’t matter whether you’re hoping to raise money or you simply want to gain visibility, you’ll benefit hugely by a truly personal service. Rather than simply offering a standard video production service, professional videographers can ensure that the video ticks every box.


Creating a charity video is not like creating any other kind of video, which is why a professional service is always best. Though other teams may be able to create impressive videos for sports team or freelancer workers, only those with specific experience in charity video production can guarantee the results that you need. By choosing professional charity video production, you can relax knowing that your video is being created with your charity in mind.


The above video was filmed by the client in Ethiopia and then edited by Wildwood Media.

Charity Video Production Kent

If you’re looking for charity video production in Kent, you have come to the right place. At Wildwood Media, we have a great deal of experience in creating high quality and professional videos for a wide range of charities. By taking the time to get to know you and your charity, we’re able to provide an unmatched service. We know what works and what doesn’t, which allows us to create fantastic videos that will convey your message in an effective way. To find out more about charity video production in Kent, get in touch with the team here at Wildwood Media.




When it comes to gaining customers, very few techniques work as well as having a video produced for use on social media. Whether you’re focusing on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram posting a video on social media can have a huge impact. This is true regardless of business type or industry. Whether a charity, startup or large multi-national, videos on social media can really improve your presence and get across key information.


Why Should You Use Video on Social Media?


  • Videos Are Engaging and Enticing – Videos are a great way to entice potential customers, as they offer a unique way for them to engage with the business or brand. Videos keep a potential customer’s engagement for a lot longer than text or a photograph. This provides more time for them to be convinced of what’s being said or offered.


  • Videos Stand Out from Other Posts – With so many posts being uploaded every moment on social media, it’s important for a business or brand to stand out. One of the best ways to stand out is with high quality imagery, music, graphics and an all round professional video. As a potential customer is scrolling through their social media feed, they are much more likely to stop and watch a video.


  • Videos Are Likely to Be Shared – When a comical or informative video is seen online, it’s likely to be shared. This could be between friends, between family or between colleagues. It could even be as a repost or retweet on someone else’s profile.


  • Videos Can Market Products or Services – One of the top benefits of using video on social media is that there are very few limits, meaning video can be used for a number of different reasons. Whether you’re looking to market a product or the business itself, a video can be professionally created. This also means that videos can have multiple purposes, such as being entertaining and informative.


  • Value for money – If you’re having a main promotional film made, then reworking some of the footage for a social media cut is cost effective way to boost content. By making short (say 15second) cuts of your film you can alert people to the main film and also make people aware of further services or product information.


An example of social media cuts from a larger promo can be seen below. We worked in partnership with LLP Productions in London on the below films. The longer cuts where around 2-4 minutes but we made two cut downs of each film for social media, a 15′ and a 30′ cut.

The above is a 15 second cut and below is the full edit


Video Production Kent for Social Media

At Wildwood Media, we have a lot of experience in creating professional videos for use on social media. We understand the impact a video can have on social media and its ability to gain customers, which is why we recommend it to many of our clients. To find out more about video production in Kent, get in touch.




If there’s one thing we’re sure of it’s that professional video production in Kent brings with it a range of benefits. Rather than settling for an amateur video that’s been rushed and poorly made, professional video production guarantees the best. At Wildwood Media, we’re proud of the Kent video production services we provide and we’re always happy to work with new clients.


The Benefits of Professional Video Production in Kent Wildwood Media

Wildwood Media filming with a local Kent business


Why Use Professional Video Production in Kent?


  • We Offer High End Video Production – As a team of professional videographers, we’re able to offer high end video production. Rather than simply providing a standard or basic service, we go above and beyond what’s expected of us. This is reflected in the fantastic videos we are able to create, which are professional and unique.


  • We Guarantee Cost Effective Video Production Rates – We understand that video production in Kent can be costly, which is why we guarantee cost effective video production rates. We work hard to ensure our rates are affordable, without compromising on the quality of the videos produced. When you work with Wildwood Media, you can rest assured knowing you will benefit from affordable rates and a great service.


  • We Combine Large Agency Creativity With a Personal Touch – There are a number of video production agencies around, some of which are large and creative and others of which are small and personal. Instead of choosing between the two, we combine both of these things. You’ll benefit from large agency creativity and a unique, personal service.


  • We Understand Clients and Brands – Though all of our clients and brands are different, we take the time to get to know them individually. We understand that all clients are different and this is why we treat them as such. We get to know you, your brand and the your message.


The Benefits of Professional Video Production in Kent Wildwood Media

Aerial drone filming at Leeds Castle, Kent.


High Quality Kent Video Production

When it comes to high quality Kent video production, look no further than Wildwood Media. At Wildwood Media, we work hard to ensure we’re able to offer a wide range of unmatched video production services. Though we are based in Kent, we do have a nationwide presences and this is thanks to our wide range of clients. From startups to charities, we’ve worked with a wide variety of businesses and brands. To find out more about video production in Kent, get in touch.


At Wildwood Media we’re incredibly proud to be a video production company that works with so many wonderful charities and organisations committed to improving individuals and social well-being.

For four years we’ve been producing all of Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust’s (KMPT) video content. It’s been a wonderful relationship that’s seen us create so much content we’re proud of.

We produce a lot of internal films including training, communication films, blogs and event films. We’ve also produced many external facing films that are to help inform the public of either the services available or that mental health can affect us all.

This is a key message that must be understood by all, and not just during Mental Health Awareness Week, mental health isn’t exclusive. It can affect any one of us.

There are three films and a service that we help with that I wanted to draw your attention to today.

The first, and most recent, is an advert to raise awareness of mental health through social media channels. Mainly promoted through Facebook this film was used as a quick look at mental health and the range of people it can affect. Social media videos can be a really effect, quick, engagement tool.



The concept was conceived by the KMPT Comms team and then we handled production. We had discussions on content, props, setting and costume. We wanted the people to be the main setting and so we didn’t want any background discussions. We filmed against a white screen in a wonderful boutique film studio we have access to in Kent. The sheer range of films that can be shot in the studio is incredible and we have regular access to it – it’s such a useful tool for so many films. The advert was shot in 4k but exported in HD to allow for its social media use.

Next up is a very proud achievement of ours. We produced the film Journeys to help show the recovery pathway of three service users of KMPT. Whilst we couldn’t use real patients or their direct stories, we adapted true stories enough to protect the identity of all involved yet maintain an honest and positive view. Working alongside a KMPT project manager, Pam, we wrote a script. It was a wonderful collaboration that initially saw Pam bringing her knowledge and passion for mental health awareness and KMPT and we would bring the narrative/cinematic edge to it. However, the collaboration worked so well that those roles were blurred and the final script was something we felt could make a powerful film.

Bringing in a professional film crew and also work experience students from MidKent College, we set about production. As always we scheduled every day and communicated with every location required. We brought in professional actors to portray the characters. With the cast it was not only important that they fit the right characteristics but that they understood what we were trying to achieve and could portray the right levels of emotion required. We had to respect those who suffer from mental health issues while also telling their story through narrative film.

There are always different ways a story like this can be told but we all felt with this project that a narrative short film would be an engaging and original way to move forward.


Finally (for now!), many of our films for KMPT NHS are to help communicate important information to staff or potential new staff. A new way of working, the Therapeutic Day, was introduced to great success and the trust wanted to roll it out wider. Having been a great success at St Martins in Canterbury, we helped produce a film to inform those interested of what the new way of working involved, how it would positively affect patients and staff and also how new staff would be walking into an environment that is current and pro-active.

We made the film using talking heads and cutaways (shots to lay over interviews to help add context). We wanted to really focus on new, young, staff and to hear their stories on coming to work at KMPT at the time of the Therapeutic Day being introduced. Along side this, to add context and further information, we include interviews with managers and a Peer Support Worker. By giving a moving image representation of the new way of working we could show the true benefits and the improvement in positive outlook from all involved. Video production as a tool for communication can be so strong if used correctly and this is was a prime example of it.

We often say that ‘a film will find it’s own length’. We always want to aim for as short as possible, and with promotional films we look at being under two minutes, however with this film where there was so much information to include, it became a longer film. So our job was to then find an interesting and engaging way to present this film at the length it clearly had to be. We were very happy with the final outcome and, most importantly, so were the client, KMPT.



As shown above there are so many different ways to make corporate films. Corporate films can sometimes be a term that feels a little dry, but we never see our films as that. We always want to add life to them, to include an emotive edge that connects with the audience on an honest, human, level.

If you have a video requirement then please get in contact with us. We want to help you with your original video production.


01622 200567

When it comes to professional charity video production, we’re on hand to help. At Wildwood Media we have worked with a number of charities to create marketing, promotional and informative videos. Through this experience, we are confident in our ability to offer high quality and professional charity video production services in Maidstone and the surrounding areas.


Professional Charity Video Production in Maidstone Wildwood Media

Why Should You Work With a Professional Charity Videographer?

● Professional Videos Reflect Well On Charities – Though it is possible for a charity to create a video themselves, the results can often be better by using a production. From idea, to creation, to final film a smoother process and a high quality final film is gaurenteed. By using a video production company it shows that the charity is serious about the message they are sharing and have taken the time to invest in good marketing.

● Charity Video Production Engages the Audience – It’s important for charities to engage their audience, as this is how funding and awareness is gained. Charity video production is a good way to achieve this and a professional knows how to do so successfully, uniquely and in a way that reflects the charity’s ethos.

● A Charity Videographer Has Experience of Working with Charities – Though videographers and general production companies have a lot of experience in film making, we have a great history of working specifically with charities. Charities often have unique requirements and requests, which a professional charity videographer or production company can accommodate.

● Charity Videos Can Work in a Number of Different Ways – When you choose to work with a professional charity production company, you are able to take advantage of being able to have different videos created. For example, they will be experienced in charity promotional videos and those that are made for other purposes. This ensures that a fantastic video is made, regardless of its use.


Charity Video Production at Wildwood Media

At Wildwood Media, we offer a wide range of video production services. This includes charity video production, blogs and charity promotional videos, both of which are professional services that are popular with our clients. Though it is possible for some charities to create videos themselves, this isn’t always advised and often a professional touch is what makes the difference. To find out more about charity video production at Wildwood Media, get in touch via chris@wildwoodmedia.co.uk or 01622 200567

More and more consumers are being drawn to videos and this has led to an increase in video content online. Plus, when you consider that almost two thirds of internet users will watch the majority of a video offered to them, it’s easy to see that video is a great way to gain an audience. However, the question remains, can video marketing and video production benefit a business financially?


The answer is yes. Visual information retains an audience’s attention for a lot longer than text content, and so video works as a powerful communication tool between business and customer; this can lead to improved marketing, increased leads and a better rate of conversion.

Video Production Can Generate Leads and Conversions Wildwood Media

Wildwood Media filming with a Kent based business

How Does Video Production Work As Part of a Marketing Strategy?

Video production gives a business the opportunity to speak to a customer directly, on a personal level, from wherever they are. A number of internet users will access social media, YouTube and the rest of the digital world from their smartphone or tablet and this means it’s important to content to grab their attention at all times. This is where video production comes in.

A professionally created corporate video can provide information, enforce emotion and encourage a viewer to click. This means it’s relatively easy to convert traffic from a video into a lead or conversion. A large percentage of digital marketers report that video production converts better than any other medium.

Video Production Can Generate Leads and Conversions Wildwood Media

Studio filming with Wildwood Media

Turning Video Production Into a Lead

In order for a video to capture leads and conversions, it’s not simply a case of having a video produced and leaving it at that. Like all other forms of content it’s important for videos to include call-to-actions; this is a way to turn someone from being a viewer into a subscriber or customer. This can be done using:

  • Titles and End Titles: Both the titles at the beginning and end of a video are vital when it comes to marketing. Not only do they inform the viewer of what the video is about, but they’re the ideal place to invite people to act. Placing a ‘Call to Action’ at the end is so important. This is where you can direct your viewers to head next.
  • Direct Mentions: Talking to the audience directly works well for gaining attention, and keeping it. It’s a great way to tell the audience exactly what you want them to do; this could be making a purchase, getting in touch or even checking out a website. Plus, it interacts with each individual viewer on a personal level.
  • Graphics: Graphics are an important part of any video and professional graphics work in a number of different ways, such as tempting a viewer into leaving a comment or sharing the video with others.
  • Video Descriptions: Though not part of the video itself, video descriptions and metadata help a video to be found online amongst all of the other videos on YouTube and social media. Video descriptions also provide the audience with more information, external links and reiterated actions to take.

As you can see, a video with range of different call-to-action commands is a useful tool for businesses in terms of video marketing. Videos attract an audience in a way that text content does not and they’re a good addition to any digital marketing strategy. So, it’s always useful to enlist the help of video production experts, especially if you are looking for a corporate video or business video production.

At Wildwood Media we understand the benefits of video marketing for business and have a great deal of experience in creating corporate videos for a range of different companies. To find out more about why video production is important or to speak to a member of the Wildwood Media team, get in touch.


01622 200567

We had the pleasure of working with the skills and education organisation, Go Train. They help give people the skills and knowledge to get jobs and build successful careers.

The videos were testimonial based, very simple in approach. We interviewed several learners from Go Train, separately, and then edited the footage into a series of video testimonials. As we’ve mentioned before on our blogs, each project must be looked at individually. Often a simple approach can deliver the message in the right way. We always look to make sure the aims and objectives of the video are met, which in this case were clear testimonials from Go Train users.

Testimonials are a great alternative to large-scale corporate video production (or alongside it, as we have done before with clients) and can offer the ability for fast turnaround.

In order to produce these films we met with our contact at Go Train, Rebecca, and discussed how the video production process would work. Rebecca then engaged with the various Go Train centres throughout Kent and got a shortlisted prepared of services users willing to talk about their experiences on camera. I then drew up a filming plan and schedule and discussed with Rebecca, keeping her updated on how it would work.

Filming went very smoothly with the key element being to help the interviewees feel comfortable on camera.

After production, we went through the editing process, which always allows for amends.

When finished Go Train was very happy with the final set of films – and hope to produce further testimonials to add to the video series in the future.

Below you can find a testimonial of our work by Rebecca.

“We used Wildwood Media to produce several short interviews of our learners, documenting their journey and success stories. Chris understood our brief from the very start and was in constant communication in the build-up to filming. On the day of filming, he made our very anxious learners (and myself!) feel at ease in front of the camera. We are so pleased with the results and will be definitely using Wildwood Media for future projects.”

Rebecca – Go Train


As we’ve commented before on our posts, it’s not simply a case of ‘making a video’ for clients. We want to get to know about our client’s goals, not just for the video question but for the company as a whole. We look at their branding and other communications. We think about what the key messages are for this particular video production and why it’s been requested.

I hope to produce a new stream of blog posts regarding certain projects to show the different approaches for the various projects we produce. Sometimes the project might have a certain style, pace or an interesting creative angle.

The first project we’re going to look at is a narrative film we produced for Kent and Medway NHS Social Care and Partnership Trust (KMPT). KMPT helps patients with various mental health issues and we’ve enjoyed a long and productive relationship with them. We’ve produced many videos covering promos, blogs, internal information films, patient guides – the list goes on. Last year we were asked to look into the idea of producing a film to show three patients journeys through KMPT. However, we were not able to show real patients.

With Video Production, Every Production Is Different Wildwood Media

The video was initially designed to show to new staff, but it was so well received that it eventually became a public facing film.  The film had to show the realities of certain mental health conditions while also showing the positive effects that staff can have on its patients.

Along with a project team from within the NHS we set about producing the film as a narrative production. This meant that while it would be true to the conditions and journeys of patients, the key characters shown were not real – meaning that we could not only show them on camera but also give an example of what their stories were. Although this was all put into a 10-minute film, it remained true to the aims and objectives of the organisation and the purposes of this video production.

With Video Production, Every Production Is Different Wildwood Media

Our production team included a Director of Photography and key camera operator, make-up artist, camera assistant, sound design and director. We also had transport operators and catering on set. We worked with various actors and real NHS staff to fill the roles required on screen.

With Video Production, Every Production Is Different Wildwood Media

Because of the sensitivity of this issues, the importance of getting key aspects right and also the requirements of making a narrative dramatic film, the production took many months to complete. From an initial meeting in July 2016, we didn’t complete production until January 2017. Our average turn around for a business video production is one month, but in this, case it required a longer period.

The film was very well received by the client and needless to say we very proud of this individual and special film.

If you have a video production idea that you would like us to help on, whether it’s a similar approach to the above or something different, then let us know. You can see further examples of our work on our main page. wildwoodmedia.co.uk

Get in touch! 01622 200567

Email me direct at chris@wildwoodmedia.co.uk


Yesterday we received a really lovely testimonial from our client, MidKent College. Written by Steve Hyland, Head of Marketing at MidKent College, the testimonial means a lot to us and so I wanted to share it with you here. There were so many reasons this video project was important to me and my company, firstly,  it’s an inspiring project to work on and we made some great friends along the way but also, I proudly used to go to college at MidKent College (Oakwood Park campus). If it wasn’t for the early honing of my creativity at MKC and the projects (and work experience) I had there, I probably wouldn’t have had the career I have and be running my own media company now.

So to have my company, Wildwood Media, selected to produce their 2017 promotional film was always a great honour, but for the whole process to be as fun, rewarding and well received as it has been, it just makes it all the better.

The brief was to create an engaging promotional video that appealed to potential students (target audience 1) and their parents (target audience 2). While certain key courses were selected to feature, we wanted to show as much of the college and the wide variety of courses they offer as we could.

The fun beginning, made like an old 80’s VHS that’s being disrupted by the future, came about as we were looking to make an impactful beginning. The montage that comes after the 80’s section was always there but we wanted it to be as impactful as possible, which means starting on that section wouldn’t work. The 80’s idea came to us and we gave it to a go. Needless to say, the college liked it as much as us and helps the video stand out.

Here is the wonderful testimonial from Steve Hyland. You can see the film after the testimonial.

“We worked with Wildwood Media on a new promotional video for the College, and we’re absolutely delighted with the result.

Right from the outset, Wildwood Media took the time to understand our objectives for the project, the parameters we set for filming, and the deadlines and budget we were working towards.

Perhaps most importantly, Wildwood Media staff took the time to build relationships and trust with key members of our team who would help facilitate access to our facilities and customers for the duration of the shoot, and who would work closely with them in post-production. This was crucial, helped the process flow smoothly from start to finish, and essentially meant that Wildwood Media became part of our Marketing team for the duration of the project.

I absolutely endorse Wildwood Media and fully recommend such a fantastic company as a video partner.”

Steve Hyland, MidKent College

More testimonials are on our front page and I’m also planning to do more posts like this in the future.