More and more consumers are being drawn to videos and this has led to an increase in video content online. Plus, when you consider that almost two thirds of internet users will watch the majority of a video offered to them, it’s easy to see that video is a great way to gain an audience. However, the question remains, can video marketing and video production benefit a business financially?


The answer is yes. Visual information retains an audience’s attention for a lot longer than text content, and so video works as a powerful communication tool between business and customer; this can lead to improved marketing, increased leads and a better rate of conversion.

Kent based video production

Wildwood Media filming with a Kent based business

How Does Video Production Work As Part of a Marketing Strategy?

Video production gives a business the opportunity to speak to a customer directly, on a personal level, from wherever they are. A number of internet users will access social media, YouTube and the rest of the digital world from their smartphone or tablet and this means it’s important to content to grab their attention at all times. This is where video production comes in.

A professionally created corporate video can provide information, enforce emotion and encourage a viewer to click. This means it’s relatively easy to convert traffic from a video into a lead or conversion. A large percentage of digital marketers report that video production converts better than any other medium.

Video production Kent

Studio filming with Wildwood Media

Turning Video Production Into a Lead

In order for a video to capture leads and conversions, it’s not simply a case of having a video produced and leaving it at that. Like all other forms of content it’s important for videos to include call-to-actions; this is a way to turn someone from being a viewer into a subscriber or customer. This can be done using:

  • Titles and End Titles: Both the titles at the beginning and end of a video are vital when it comes to marketing. Not only do they inform the viewer of what the video is about, but they’re the ideal place to invite people to act. Placing a ‘Call to Action’ at the end is so important. This is where you can direct your viewers to head next.
  • Direct Mentions: Talking to the audience directly works well for gaining attention, and keeping it. It’s a great way to tell the audience exactly what you want them to do; this could be making a purchase, getting in touch or even checking out a website. Plus, it interacts with each individual viewer on a personal level.
  • Graphics: Graphics are an important part of any video and professional graphics work in a number of different ways, such as tempting a viewer into leaving a comment or sharing the video with others.
  • Video Descriptions: Though not part of the video itself, video descriptions and metadata help a video to be found online amongst all of the other videos on YouTube and social media. Video descriptions also provide the audience with more information, external links and reiterated actions to take.

As you can see, a video with range of different call-to-action commands is a useful tool for businesses in terms of video marketing. Videos attract an audience in a way that text content does not and they’re a good addition to any digital marketing strategy. So, it’s always useful to enlist the help of video production experts, especially if you are looking for a corporate video or business video production.

At Wildwood Media we understand the benefits of video marketing for business and have a great deal of experience in creating corporate videos for a range of different companies. To find out more about why video production is important or to speak to a member of the Wildwood Media team, get in touch.

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We had the pleasure of working with the skills and education organisation, Go Train. They help give people the skills and knowledge to get jobs and build successful careers.

The videos were testimonial based, very simple in approach. We interviewed several learners from Go Train, separately, and then edited the footage into a series of video testimonials. As we’ve mentioned before on our blogs, each project must be looked at individually. Often a simple approach can deliver the message in the right way. We always look to make sure the aims and objectives of the video are met, which in this case were clear testimonials from Go Train users.

Testimonials are a great alternative to large-scale corporate video production (or alongside it, as we have done before with clients) and can offer the ability for fast turnaround.

In order to produce these films we met with our contact at Go Train, Rebecca, and discussed how the video production process would work. Rebecca then engaged with the various Go Train centres throughout Kent and got a shortlisted prepared of services users willing to talk about their experiences on camera. I then drew up a filming plan and schedule and discussed with Rebecca, keeping her updated on how it would work.

Filming went very smoothly with the key element being to help the interviewees feel comfortable on camera.

After production, we went through the editing process, which always allows for amends.

When finished Go Train was very happy with the final set of films – and hope to produce further testimonials to add to the video series in the future.

Below you can find a testimonial of our work by Rebecca.

“We used Wildwood Media to produce several short interviews of our learners, documenting their journey and success stories. Chris understood our brief from the very start and was in constant communication in the build-up to filming. On the day of filming, he made our very anxious learners (and myself!) feel at ease in front of the camera. We are so pleased with the results and will be definitely using Wildwood Media for future projects.”

Rebecca – Go Train