Have an aerial filming requirement? We have the perfect solution for you.

We’re proud to offer our clients the high-quality aerial filming or photography. By using top end drones with a fully licensed pilot and a separate camera operator combined with the creativity and productivity you’d expect from any Wildwood Media production we’re the premier Kent based video production and aerial filming solution.

Drone aerial filming and photography in London, the South-East and beyond…

We can provide footage for TV, film, construction industry, surveys, estate agents, corporate and social events as well as where filming by other means is inaccessible, expensive or too dangerous.  Using state of the art technology and years of experience in photography and video and flight operations our team can deliver first class footage from ground level to 400ft. All our footage is shot in 4k ultra HD providing you the customer with the best quality footage. We can also provide high-quality aerial still photos using our full frame Canon 22.3 mp DSLR cameras with wide angle lenses. We now also offer Mast filming and photography for areas where aerial filming is forbidden.

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